questions to aske when interviewing an executive chef

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dennisb@*****.*** in Phoenix, Arizona

83 months ago

Here are 27 great questions from Dennis Borders, Franchise Owner Gecko Hospitality
Chef Interviewing Questions:

1. How many employees report to you? How many of those are managers?

2. Who do you report to?

3. What is the volume/revenue your establishment is doing in a year?

4. What is your favorite food to eat?

5. What is your favorite cuisine to cook? Why? (Look for use of ingredients)

6. Give me an example of a Springtime menu you would prepare for me? (Look for use of in-season ingredients)

7. Why did you choose to become a Chef?

8. What do you do to stay educated about new trends?

9. What do you do to insure the quality of the food going out to customers?

10. Give me an example of someone you have trained or mentored. Where did they start and where are they now?

11. How do you take ownership in your position there at ________ (company)? (look for guest interaction, financials, organization, cleanliness, quality)

12. How do you insure/test the quality of your ingredients?

13. Tell me about an accomplishment that you are most proud of in your career.

14. Describe to me a problem you had with an employee and how you handled it.

15. Tell me about your management style.

16. Tell me 3 things that you consider to be your strengths.

17. Tell me something you would like to learn or improve upon.

18. How involved are you in the beverage aspect?

19. Tell me about your wine knowledge.

20. How involved are you in the financial aspect of your business? Budgets/forecasting?

21. How involved are you in executing labor cost? If your labor is running high, what measures do you take to control it?

22. How involved are you with the menu development and overall design? Who do you feel should be involved in the decision?

23. How involved do you get with Purchasing and Receiving?

24. How involved are you in the risk management side of the business?

25. What are your thoughts on progressive discipline? H

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Pascal in Bell, California

82 months ago

How long takes to interview a chef?

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jennyho in New York

82 months ago

Typically,you should take between thirty minutes and an hour.

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drmotts@*****.*** in Roseville, California

49 months ago

Thank you for taking the time to wright these questions!
Very helpful.

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