Becoming A Stock Broker After 2 Year Sickness, Divorce and Bankruptcy... Can It Happen?

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Greg in Rockford, Illinois

60 months ago

If you have ever seen the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness", I can honestly say that is me. I am a single dad who worked my butt off in the home building industry for 10 years and did fairly well until my last employer went out of business when the market crashed. As they shut their doors, all employees were cheated financially in the end. At the same time, I came down with a sickness without insurance and lost 75 pounds. My wife left home and my daughter and I now live here with little income. I have no choice but to claim bankruptcy. On the bright side, my health has improved. I now bike regularly and eat an extremely healthy diet. I am a Lance Armstrong of a sort... rebounding from bad health. I dont want to take a dead end job and find myself back in the same predicament I am in now. I have always wanted to get into the Financial business. I am afraid that potential employers in general would view me as a loser or high risk without knowing my underlying past. I'm also afraid that there may be a regulation somewhere prohibiting me from acting as a Broker. Unfortunately for me, I will walk with a label on me as a Bankrupt putting me in a category of people associated with irresponsibility when actually I am not irresponsible. It's so frustrating.

I am VERY driven and am really wanting to get into the business. I am very intelligent, presentable, awesome with people because I like helping them, and excellent with numbers... darn near genius.

Will the stigma of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy (Starting soon) create for a hopeless career as a Stock Broker?

Please comment honestly. Thanks much.

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Wealth Manager in Dublin, California

60 months ago

Hi Greg--Anything is possible if you want it bad enough. The bankruptcy will definitely be an issue with most financial firms but you have valid reasons for this happening based on the circumstances of the past few years. This is something you should probably disclose (eventually it has to be disclosed when they run the background check)in your first interview (in person). It will be a deal breaker at some firms but others might work with you and bringing it up in the beginning will show honesty and it will also save you time by not going down the interview path to find out a month later that they can't hire someone with a bankruptcy.

Be prepared to explain your situation over and over and have very specific reasons why you want to do this job. Good luck to you!

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Gary in Rockford, Illinois

60 months ago

Thanks much. Edward Jones application process asks "Do you have $2k in collections?" and answering "Yes" to just that disqualified me. I am interviewing for a Personal Banker job with Chase. There, they help you with your series 6, 63 and 7 if you qualify to move into Brokering. I ordered a series 6,63, and 7 study course/ audio book. I will start there and work my way through. I can understand being picky about a FINANCIAL ADVISOR's credit just because of the huge responsibility. But mine is affected by some very out of my control circumstances. Thanks again.

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Stock Broker in Foster City, California

56 months ago

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Bischoff Hervey in Santa Monica, California

49 months ago

Hi Greg,

Sounds like you've been through a lot. Bischoff Hervey Entertainment is currently casting a reality series on single dads that follows their day-to-day trials and tribulations. There are so many shows, movies and books about single moms and none about dads. We want to tell your side of the story. If you're interested, please contact us at

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Polly Sue in London, United Kingdom

34 months ago

I wonder how ended the story of Greg, has he become a trader?
I'm also thinking of becoming a financial trader. I'm looking for a good educational course. I found this one <a href=""></a>. It's seems to be good.
Any other courses you would recommend?

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