Total monthly costs associated with being an Independent Financial Rep

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Skymall22 in Plano, Texas

49 months ago

Could someone with experience let me know if I am missing any other monthly fees associated with being an independent rep?

E&O Insurance
Base Fee to B/D
Office Rental Space
Technology Costs
Admin Help (Optional)
Health & Dental Insurance

Are there any other MAJOR monthly costs that I am missing?


aguilartx in Houston, Texas

46 months ago

E&O Insurance $235 month
Base Fee to B/D none..other than % of sales (about 10-15% depending on how much biz u have)
Office Rental Space -usually a BD will not rent you office space- but an OSJ may let you office w him
Technology Costs - depends on how sophisticated u want to be...figure $123/mo just for starters
Admin Help (Optional)
Health & Dental Insurance - usually not available, very rare for an OSJ to offer it.

BTW, I work for an independent BD.
Hope this helps you.

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