is my series 7 license useless now?

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umit_cengiz in Orlando, Florida

65 months ago

Hello everyone,

I hope that somebody can answer my following question as i feel very miserable at this point.

I was hired by a little financial service advisory company around 2 months ago. They sponsored me for my series 7 test which I passed 2 weeks ago. But they made me pay for the books and the examination fee before I took the test. Now I am studying for the series 63 test as they asked me to get ready asap. I also paid the fee for the series 63 test as well.

As this company was not paying any base salary, (it only pays commission for the customers i bring to their company) I kept looking for some other jobs and today i have been offered a "financial advisor" position by a bank which not only pays commission , but also pays a base salary. They have hired me with the condition of already having my series 7 license, and they are asking me to pass the series 63 test with their sponsorship.

My question;
a)if i quit with the other company which sponsored me for the series 7 license, but they have not registered my license yet, does my series 7 license become useless? I mean i did pass the test already, but i have not sold any security or brought any customer to their company yet because they told me i need to pass the series 63. If i start in this new job , can i still use my series 7 license?

b)the same company also asked me to sign some more papers last week. It is an addendum and on the paper it says that it is my responsibility to pay all FINRA registration fees and state registration fees. I have not signed it yet, because if i start working with this new job -which is a well known bank and much better than this job- i probably don't need to sign it.

Please give me some tips if my series 7 license is safe.

Thank you for all of your answers guys...I really appreciate it!


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m c in Fallbrook, California

65 months ago

hello. your series 7 will still be valid if you leave your firm. you are in a state that requires the s-7 and the s-63 in order to conduct securities business. that is why you are unable to do business until you pass the s-63. if you have passed the s-7, then you are ok. your new firm can open your s-63 exam window once you join.

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Sam in Lewisville, Texas

49 months ago

NY123, If you cancel the exam 48+ hours before, you should be fine. Contact your administrator prior to cancelling to make sure. I'd also check with your states laws for more information on the <a href="">Series 7 license exam</a>.

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Sam in Lewisville, Texas

49 months ago

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Michael Weiss in Morrisville, Pennsylvania

42 months ago

Your Series 7 is not useless. It is good for two years after termination. The series 7 is good to have on one's resume as it will help you get future jobs.

Michael Weiss

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Eric in Costa Mesa, California

36 months ago

A question for anyone who can help me. I registered to take the Series 7 exam with my firm a few weeks ago, got my FINRA ID and set up a test time. My firm and I parted ways with eachother a last week. I noticed it said that my exam was canceled, and I am not able to register for it again (even though I paid all the necessary fees).

I am still able to set up an exam date for the 66 (but as many of you know you need the 6/7 to take).

I understand I am not sponsored anymore by my firm, but even if I paid for it does that mean I can't take it?

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