I have an interviw for a fighfighter position in my hometown in Mississippi. any advice?

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Lucas Carpenter in Starkville, Mississippi

101 months ago

any advice on preps for an interview?

Shawn in Peterborough, Ontario

101 months ago

here is a list of about 100 firefighter interview questions www.firefighterinterviews.com/america/4-question.php
Visit this site for more info

Bubba in Irvine, California

101 months ago

Based on what my friends in the emergency reponse biz tell me, the most important thing, is that you need them to trust you.

If you screw up, or flake out, or do something stupid, they die. It's that simple.

Chris in Aliso Viejo, California

98 months ago

This post is a little late but maybe you are still going through the testing process. I found a website www.thefirefighterexam.com/interview that has some good advice that I havn't found on other sites. It talks about not being a clone candidate by including personal stories and experiences in the interview. The reason for doing that is that the interview panel has seen several candidates walk through the door. Everyone beings to sound alike. If you personalize your response you will stand out amongst the others. Anyways, the website explains it much better then I can.


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