What are typical firefighter salaries?

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Do some companies pay a lot more for this position than others? What does a top earner make in this field?

What skills should you learn to increase your salary?

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Steve in Costa Mesa, California

103 months ago

You only get about $40,000 but when you start it can be as low $20,000. You get a better salary when you are EMT-C or higher. Also time you been their and size of city or town you cover can change your salary. but with overtime maybe low $60,000

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Dave in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

99 months ago

I would agree the mean salary is $40,000. The aging population in Western PA makes the EMT certification less of a requirement for some departments, due to many EMS calls being handled by for-profit ambulance services. Also, take into consideration the number of volunteer companies in your area to determine pay. Western PA has one of the highest concentration of volunteer departments in the country, and the pay for career firefighter has yet to catch up. I have heard so-called part timers being paid $8.50 an hour...

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Mel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

91 months ago

Hi DAve, you are so right about western Pa.

My husband was an airport firefighter in the USMC, when he got out we moved back to Pa. He was on the city of pittsburgh list for 4 years (number 4 on the list!) the darned list expired and they never hired from it. We hoped that the county would hire but we never could find out when the test was given. We gave up and moved out of the city, around that time Pittsburgh tested again, he didn't waist his time to be disappointed again...then they hired off of "this" list. Such as life. Where we live all of the other dept. are Volunteer and if you want a job in the only few small paid deptartment you better be related to someone. My husband was over qualified for all of the dept. he applied to but it was like jumping through hoops..the only places hiring were back down south and we didn't want to leave the area again. For any younger guy looking to be a paid firefighter, I say "good luck". He ended up taking a job he likes, but he really was an awesome firefigher and it's very sad that he could't continue to work in his dream job. Melissa

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brian in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

81 months ago

1st year pgh fire is 37,000 not including call backs

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