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Updated 7 minutes ago

American Airlines hiring flight Attendants 2013!!!!! - 54085 Replies

[QUOTE who="TheFutureOfTheSky in Chicago, Illinois"]Hi everyone! I've been on this forum for over a year now. I'm headed to training Aug 10th and...


Updated 12 minutes ago

Compass Airlines? - 6006 Replies

Hey guys, I was hired on at expressjet but my training doesn't start until September however I recently received a invite to come and interview at...


Updated 14 minutes ago

Spirit Airlines... - 8980 Replies

Just to let you ladies and gents know that the shirt colors for training have changed from Red or white to Black or yellow.


Updated 23 minutes ago

Sunwing Airlines Flight Attendant 2014 - 35 Replies

Question for those who have an interview scheduled. Did you reply to the email with "confirmed"? And when u did, did it just send another "do not...

Fingersntoes crossed

Updated 32 minutes ago

SKYWEST - 8061 Replies

Try this link to see which airlines are hiring. http://www.flightattendantcareer.com/hiring_info.htm


Updated 48 minutes ago

Southwest Airline Flight Attendant Hiring 2014. - 2603 Replies

Hey, all! Been pretty busy but got great news to share! I'll have to fill you in on details later, but for now, I am also wondering if anyone will...


Updated 50 minutes ago

Sunwing Flight Attendant 2013/2014 - 120 Replies

[QUOTE who="jayemkay in Vancouver, British Columbia"]I just got an email to attend an interview on August 11! Anyone else?[/QUOTE] Hi Jayemkay,...


Updated 55 minutes ago

Jet Blue F/A Information? - 20250 Replies

Just want to know if anyone that applied on 7/20 has heard anything yet? I know its soon but im losing it over here lol. And by any chance does...

Victoria South

Updated 56 minutes ago

Mesa Airlines - 5759 Replies

[QUOTE who="AE2154 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana"]Only 6 months! It is but we are starting to shrink.[/QUOTE] Oh neat but bummer! I applied at mesa...


Updated 1 hour ago

American Airlines-- waiting for a training date - 73 Replies

So if American is giving people a months notice before training, people should be getting emails next week


Updated 2 hours ago

Republic, Shuttle, Chautauqua, North American, Trans States , and Air Wiscosin? - 26954 Replies

Does anyone know which airline is better to ask for Shuttle or Republic? Also, which one would give me a better chance of getting Chicago as a base....


Updated 4 hours ago

Republic Airlines Open House 2014 - 6 Replies

Has anyone on here recently been to a open house for Republic? If so how did it go? Did they mention how many they are looking to hire? If anyone...


Updated 4 hours ago

air wisconsin trainging school - 2106 Replies

good afternoon anyone can give me insight about you are suppose to put the words flight attendant at i really want to be a flight attendant


Updated 4 hours ago

Swift Air - 240 Replies

RIP AH5017.....operated by swift air :(


Updated 6 hours ago


[QUOTE who="Atlgal in Georgia"]Oh and the confusion her is hub vs base. Just because Chicago isn't a hub for DL does not mean they don't have a small...


Updated 18 hours ago

express jet - 9957 Replies

Update: CRJ UNITED (15 aircraft) at IAD will phase out by Q2 2015. It starts next month. Current crew (200) and maintenance (14) will be offered...


Updated 19 hours ago

DELTA airline F2F interview 2014 - 2862 Replies

[QUOTE who="MillionMileGuy in San Antonio, Texas"]It probably is, considering when I interviewed they were saying that was almost the last batch they...


Updated 21 hours ago

FAA CHRC - 83 Replies

[QUOTE who="bapemann in Cincinnati, Ohio"]Ok so far I interviewed with Asa and Republic and got selected for training but as soon as I do my...


Updated 1 day ago

Virgin America - 11403 Replies

[QUOTE who="Vanessa in Mcdonough, Georgia"]Hello! I applied to Virgin about a week ago and still haven't heard anything. Was wondering if anyone was...


Updated 1 day ago

National Airlines Job Fair - 176 Replies

ClassyStew757 in Orlando, Florida - Are things back to normal and do you have any idea if they will be hiring this year?


Updated 1 day ago

Frontier Airline - 1948 Replies

HI, I am new to this particular forum..I havnt kept up on whats going on, but want to apply. Does anybody know if they will be accepting applications...


Updated 1 day ago

Republic Airlines - 1 Reply

Where did all the Future republic airlines flight attendants go? Ha. Anyone been to a recent open house and want to share what happens at the...


Updated 2 days ago

DELTA Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring 2013 - 18099 Replies

[QUOTE who="DeltaWings in USA"]Thank you for your input. The thing is that fortunately I"ve made it to the f2f. and I've taken care of what you...


Updated 2 days ago

Horizon Airlines Interview Overview - 738 Replies

I have the group interview in Portland on Monday!! Anyone else?


Updated 2 days ago

Jet Blue Airport Operations Crew (Ticket Agents) - 262 Replies

[QUOTE who="Summer Storm in Orlando, Florida"]Hi Scorpion - I'm Storm. Yes, Hope is correct. I just started training yesterday in Orlando. I received...

eyy may

Updated 3 days ago

Allegiant - 5351 Replies

Anyone who made it to the face to face interviews get the skills email yet? I'm getting too anxious refreshing my email over and over.


Updated 5 days ago

American Eagle - 12667 Replies

[QUOTE who="Miabnd in Pompano Beach, Florida"]The cry's have 2 fa's because they are configured with 63/65 seats. The emb all are 1 FA because they...


Updated 5 days ago


Does anybody know if virgin america will be hiring in 2015? And is it true you have to pay for your training and lodging?


Updated 6 days ago

Trans States Airlines - 1022 Replies

ok thanks for the info.


Updated 6 days ago

Endeavor Airlines - 317 Replies

[QUOTE who="Jestevez21 in Paterson, New Jersey"]Just got my training date August 13th anyone else ? Also that last graduated class were did you get...


Updated 6 days ago

PSA airline - 1179 Replies

Did anyone attend the interview today for PSA if so how did it go? How many were there and how many got selected for training? Thanks

michelle chou

Updated 7 days ago

Tell about f2f interview on American Airlines hiring flight attendant - 144 Replies

i have video interview these days,still learning how to response their questions,hope i can make it.


Updated 7 days ago

GoJet Airline - 2951 Replies

[QUOTE who="Teena C in chicago"]By applied, do you mean you were invited to attend an open house and bring in a filled out application, and have an...


Updated 11 days ago

DELTA FA 2014 after F2F - 46 Replies

[QUOTE who="angieg91 in Chula Vista, California"]Excited for training is an understatement, hope that its everything that we expect it to be...

Jane Huff

Updated 13 days ago

Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant Info! - 2163 Replies

Just and FYI when calling the recruitment center EVERY call is documented on your file. The call is documented along with your demeanor, the type of...


Updated 13 days ago

Norwegian Air Shuttle - 2017 Replies

[QUOTE who="BRANIFF in TAMARAC, Florida"]Because I'm a union steward and we at three major carriers want to keep US jobs with unions at higher pay...


Updated 14 days ago

Commutair - 494 Replies

I threw in the towel at 90 days. As a Line Holder, Junior Manning was out of control and double show times in a single day. Additionally, the...

Love To Fly

skywest OH tomorrow

Hi There Will anyone be attending the OH tomorrow in Chicago? Sharon


Updated 16 days ago

Piedmont Airlines / US Airways Express - 665 Replies

[QUOTE who="mamaFA in Vernon, New Jersey"]how long did it take to hear back from Piedmont to get the interview?[/QUOTE] Must have been a few weeks...


Updated 17 days ago

Anyone apply to Etihad Airways? - 326 Replies

hi Alex, can I just ask you how did you get on with being in holding pool? thanks rossie


Updated 19 days ago

Private planes and Jets - 59 Replies

Thanks, Jackie Fly By!


Updated 19 days ago

Falcon Air Express Open House Interview - 27 Replies

[QUOTE who="newfalconfa in Miami, Florida"]I work here. I have only been here 6 months and this is my first time being an FA but I love it. I also...


Updated 20 days ago

not sure what to do, please help me. - 4 Replies

I would try AA except its unpaid training.


Updated 21 days ago

Pay Scale for Virgin America! Take it or leave it! - 107 Replies

[QUOTE who="Wife of a Virgin InFlight Team Member in Irving, Texas"]First of all let me say this....My husband has been employed with Virgin America...


Updated 21 days ago

**US Airways Hiring 2013** - 11806 Replies

Hi guys, Does anyone know when US Airways will post FA application again? Thanks:)


The ups and downs of being a F/A

Hello. I thought it might be a good idea to start a new forum where current flight attendants can share stories of the "good bad and ugly" of being a...


Updated 27 days ago

Air Transat - Flight Attendant - 2013/2014 - 1588 Replies

Still haven't heard anything :/ thought they would contact you either way?


Updated 29 days ago

Airlines Hiring in Cleveland Ohio? - 1 Reply

I'm referring to flight attendant positions!


Updated 29 days ago

Sun Country Airlines - 470 Replies

[QUOTE who="FA Miami in Miami, Florida"]They already training the gulfport personnel Training starte on the 23[/QUOTE] Thanks for the info, I...


Updated 1 month ago

US Airways to start hiring Flight Attendants in 2011 - 7434 Replies

When do us air hiring next my app status still.says under review

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