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Updated 0 minutes ago

Southwest Airline Flight Attendant Hiring 2014. - 3704 Replies

[QUOTE who="AnxiouslyWaiting in Dallas, Texas"]When and where did you interview out if curiosity?[/QUOTE] February 4 in Baltimore.


Updated 2 minutes ago

Delta Air Lines * After the F2F * 2014 - 856 Replies

[QUOTE who="pyxiidustt in Trenton, New Jersey"]I've heard summer/fall of this year, but that's solely a rumor and I don't know how much truth there...


Updated 30 minutes ago

Mesa Airlines - 6230 Replies

[QUOTE who="Theatrey17 in Virginia Beach, Virginia"]My name is Courtney, I look forward to meeting you in class. Congratulations by the way...


Updated 1 hour ago

United Airlines 2015 Flight Attendant Candidates, and Interviewees - 152 Replies

Rec'd my email "forwarding to inflight" very late on 3/2/15 (was surprised the email came so late in the evening), hoping to get email inviting to in...

Former FA

Updated 3 hours ago


[QUOTE who="HawaiianGirl07 in Honolulu, Hawaii"]Thank you soo much for the info... Do you know what Hilton it is ? I was planning on staying at the...

Here with you

Updated 3 hours ago

Piedmont Airlines / US Airways Express - 772 Replies

[QUOTE who="Nero in Troy, Michigan"]It's so quiet in here. Doesn't anyone have any news? Interviews? I applied to Piedmont a few weeks ago. Eager...


Updated 3 hours ago

US AIRWAYS HIRING FAs 2014 - 1549 Replies

[QUOTE who="OPRST in st pete, Minnesota"]peechbeach, what happen? what did you do wrong?? feels like you didn't do well :([/QUOTE] It actually...


Updated 10 hours ago

Allegiant - 6157 Replies

[QUOTE who="Countrygirl68 in Stephjenville, Texas"]Did you do the video interview? I received one also about 3 hrs ago but have not logged on...

Wing-ing it

Updated 11 hours ago

Trans States Airlines - 1119 Replies

[QUOTE who="skybound in Denver, Colorado"]See you on the 16th!![/QUOTE] See you there! Looking forward to getting started!

Duncan Leigh

Updated 11 hours ago

Anyone apply to Etihad Airways? - 351 Replies

Hi Lea, Thanks for the advice and I agree with you. A lot of companies in the UAE have a backward way of dealing with their employees.


Updated 12 hours ago

Jet Blue F/A Information? - 22012 Replies

^^^^ http://www.facebook.com/groups/babyblues42915/


Updated 12 hours ago

SKYWEST - 8852 Replies

[QUOTE who="185thinf2! in Fresno, California"]Oh, I forgot to ask, Does anyone know about SkyWest F.A. Decon. training? Do we have to be in a small...

European FA

Updated 13 hours ago

American Airlines Flight Attendants 2015...posted 9/30/2014 - 1820 Replies

Hello Everyone, Here are some helpful links to Read for the latest updates. http://www.apfa.org/images/arbitration/JCBA-Implementation-Letter-12151...


Updated 15 hours ago

United Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring 2014 - 2011 Replies

It takes months usually.

Ms Lewis66

Updated 15 hours ago

express jet - 10459 Replies

[QUOTE who="DLHopeful in Atlanta, Georgia"]EmilyFrancis - Thank you for your encouraging words! Unfortunately, I can't even get invited to a f2f!! ...


Updated 16 hours ago

Virgin America - 11557 Replies

[QUOTE who="sasy 123 in new york, New York"]Thanks for your answer, and yes did my drug test ,[/QUOTE] We may end being in training together :)


Updated 16 hours ago

Spirit Airlines... - 9850 Replies

It seems I have terrible timing.... Does anyone know when they will hire for FLL again. I do realize I JUST missed it :)


Updated 19 hours ago

Republic, Shuttle, Chautauqua, North American, Trans States , and Air Wiscosin? - 27846 Replies

[QUOTE who="YoungSir in Richmond Hill, New York"]Past 3 weeks and still no email yet.. I had an interview Jan 12.. They said I would get an email...


Updated 21 hours ago

PSA airline - 1444 Replies

How does the crash pad thing work? How do you get back to the airport from the crash pad if you do not have a car? Also, how do you get to the crash...


Updated 22 hours ago

Compass Airlines? - 6294 Replies

The next Open House for hiring: Seattle, WA April 15, 2015


Updated 1 day ago


[QUOTE who="Hwyatt in Pelzer, South Carolina"]Do you need your passport for the video interview?[/QUOTE] Not anymore. They used to require...


Updated 2 days ago


are people still receiving emails? :)


Updated 2 days ago

Horizon Airlines Interview Overview - 782 Replies

I'm going to the interview on (03-05-2015) Is there anybody going on the same day for horizon airline interview?


Updated 2 days ago


I just got done with my phone interview and scheduled to attend the group interview on Thursday (March, 05.2015) Is there anybody going on the...


Updated 2 days ago


[QUOTE who="angtastic in Fort Lauderdale, Florida"]I am going to the f2f in Chicago on the 17 will you be there?do you know before you leave if you...


Updated 2 days ago

Air Transat - Flight Attendant - 2013/2014 - 1603 Replies

No call yet ! Cant wait

Lei Lei

Updated 4 days ago

DELTA airline F2F interview 2014 - 3997 Replies

I did my online interview over Labor Day weekend and didn't hear anything until last week so that was five months. I'd say unless you get a tbnt...


Updated 5 days ago

emirates airlines - 111 Replies

I believe it's a 1" x 1" passport sized photo. But, I am not 100% certain.


Updated 5 days ago

Emirates Open house session - 2044 Replies

Has anyone else applied recently? :)


Updated 6 days ago


applicants for YYZ are getting confirmation emails.I have not received any :( I'm afraid I'm already rejected on the application review


Updated 6 days ago

DELTA Flight Attendant Video interview - 75 Replies

[QUOTE who="monchi0725 in Lake Mary, Florida"]Will do. The ironic thing about all of this is that I went to the JetBlue F2F earlier this month and...


Updated 7 days ago

**US Airways Hiring 2013** - 11999 Replies

[QUOTE who="david in Lawrence, Massachusetts"]ok, guys please help me on this one!!! i've applied for fleet agent on 1-06-15 i went through all the...


Updated 7 days ago

what are the qualifications to become a flight attendant here in the philippines? - 336 Replies

I have 6'2 height and my weight is normal and i have a good communications in english i also have skills related to this job does my height can...

Seasonedtraveller in Oakville, Ontario

Updated 7 days ago

Sunwing Airlines Flight Attendant 2014 - 1839 Replies

Hi everyone, There's a new posting on Sunwing for seasonal flight attendants (closing July 20th). Has anyone applied?! :)

abeykp in Forest Hills, New York

Updated 8 days ago

What is the advancement Career for a Flight Attendant? - 1 Reply

Your comments are welcome...

oneljumpseat in Apopka, Florida

Updated 8 days ago

National Airlines Job Fair - 209 Replies

FLIGHT ATTENDANTS JOB FAIR National Airlines now hiring Flight Attendants for their new B757 0peration; preference to experienced in-flight,...

vegas2000girl in stockbridge, Georgia

Updated 8 days ago

Omni Air Int'l - 2395 Replies

I am attending an open house this week for Omni here in Atlanta. I know that there were a couple of FAs at the Republic open house last week who...

mg in West Chester, Pennsylvania

Updated 9 days ago

DELTA LOD Application Process 2013 - 289 Replies

Let's share the steps of the process here. My timeline: Applied 01/5 1st and 2nd Interviews 01/07 => received the "Congratulations! You passed...

Gerren in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 9 days ago

Delta flight attendant 2015 trainee. - 15 Replies

Hi every one, Let's start a 2015 trainee forum here who made to CJO.

mei mei in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 9 days ago

Hawaiian Airlines - 3749 Replies

i recently saw that Hawaiian Airlines is now hiring! I think it'd be amazing to live in and work in and out of Honolulu! Has anyone heard any news of...

Maria Magical in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 9 days ago

air wisconsin trainging school - 2157 Replies

hello out there, i was just hired as a flight attdendant for awac airlines.i was wondering if anyone can suggest anything i can study in advance for...

MindBodySoul in San Bruno, California

Updated 9 days ago

Looking for flight attendant to rent room 15 minutes from LAX - 4 Replies

I have a nice 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment in which I am renting out a room with adjacent bathroom for $625/month. I am lookng to rent to a flight...

Samantha in Flushing, New York

Updated 10 days ago

Cathay PacificJFK base 2015 - 2 Replies

anyone hv any idea that when will be their next recruitment?

MrMo in Stavanger, Norway

Updated 10 days ago

Norwegian Air Shuttle - 2519 Replies

Has anyone on here applied for tha FA position braces out of JFK with Norwegian Airlines?

tysledgesr in Aurora, Illinois

Updated 11 days ago

Frontier Airline - 2317 Replies

Is MKE a new base Frontier is opening for flight attendants or have they always had a MKE base. Any info about working for Frontier would be greatly...

Lyndsee in Montréal, Quebec

Flight Attendant JAZZ

Can you give me info on Jazz anyone please?!

Indre in Teignmouth, United Kingdom

Updated 13 days ago

Size of FA - 46 Replies

My dream is to become a flight attendant. I am heavyset right now and am working on losing weight. I understand that I must be weight/height...

V in Miami, Florida

Updated 13 days ago

2014- (Fall-)American Airlines Flight Attendant Candidates - 112 Replies

Greetings I decided as I have recently applied myself to begin a new AA FA candidate forum for 2014 Fall This will be for 2015 classes . If you...

nceba in Durban, South Africa

Updated 15 days ago

Do they check your 10 years background before inviting us for a face to face interview on any airlines ??? - 138 Replies

Do they check your 10 years background before inviting us for a face to face interview on any airlines ??? maybe is the reason they take so...

Ctosado07 in Jersey City, New Jersey

Updated 17 days ago


Don't let OLD DELTA TRICK YOU WITH THEIR NEW TRICKS. I went to one of their interviews. I walked into a big conference only to see we've been...

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