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Updated 1 minute ago

United Airlines 2016 Flight Attendant Candidates, and Interviewees - 4567 Replies

[QUOTE who="curiositykilledthepat in Sacramento, California"]After 4 months it wasn't so bad ? Or did you quit ?[/QUOTE] Haha no I still work...


Updated 54 minutes ago

Sun Country Airlines - 627 Replies

Krish10h have you heard anything yet. I thought they said we would hear something on Friday?


Updated 1 hour ago


Does anyone know if there are an plans for another NonLOD? I missed the last one by hours trying to perfect my resume?


Updated 1 hour ago

Frontier Flight Attendants - 929 Replies

I'm flying down on the seventh for an interview on the eighth. This thread has been very helpful. I can't wait to get a feel for the company culture...


Updated 1 hour ago

United Airlines interview 2015 Flight Attendant - 27 Replies

Is this a standard response that they generate after vi? Your interview for FA2016-A has been submitted. Thank you for completing your...


Updated 1 hour ago

American Airlines Flight Attendant Training Classes. - 26 Replies

[QUOTE who="hsxj in Brooklyn, New York"]hi, i just the my flight infor this afternoon, did u get urs?[/QUOTE] I haven't yet but I did get an email...


Updated 2 hours ago

Jet Blue F/A Information? - 26815 Replies

[QUOTE who="Joey in Clermont, Florida"]Have you received your FedEx package?[/QUOTE] No. Im getting ready for my face to face next month...


Updated 2 hours ago


[QUOTE who="Anthonelle in Baltimore, Maryland"]Apply for Delta Airlines flight attendant July 24th I'm excited I'm waiting I'm hoping that the fall...

cloud bound

Updated 3 hours ago

AMERICAN AIRLINES 2016 new candidates - 1464 Replies

For those of you who have gotten an offer, can you please advise how far out your training class is being scheduled?


Updated 4 hours ago

Hawaiian Airlines - 4204 Replies

[QUOTE who="Maui_kelly in California"][/QUOTE] Aloha, Congrats if you made it to training in October. Like I mentioned in an earlier post. My wife...


Updated 5 hours ago

Porter Airlines FA hiring for Fall 2016 - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="seikom in Hamilton, Ontario"]Hello! I applied maybe last month and I didn't get a phone call back, but they email you and have you do an...


Updated 6 hours ago


[QUOTE who="park ave stewardess in Park Ave, New York"]You see, I told you guys non-lod would open this month in July. Want to know another secret?...

The Travel Academy

Updated 8 hours ago

The Travel Academy in Minnesota? - 132 Replies

We regret that your experience was not a positive one. The vast majority of our students come out of The Travel Academy with great knowledge,...

Delta Wannabe

Updated 8 hours ago

DELTA AIR LINES ** FLIGHT ATTENDANT ** 2016 ** NO DRAMA ** - 651 Replies

[QUOTE who="Nyiman in Phoenix, Arizona"]Hello I applied for a FA position with Delta on 07/24/16 received my Screen Invitation 08/12/2016 account...


Updated 9 hours ago

express jet - 10678 Replies

Anybody going to the OH in Atlanta on the 31st?

SurfsUpAL in NorCal, California

Updated 18 hours ago

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Candidates 2016. - 269 Replies

Welcome Aboard Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring 2016. This forums is set up for the new FA Hiring posting August 11/2016. Also the...

genova64@*****.*** in Andover, New Jersey

Updated 1 day ago

Delta Air Lines Flight Attendant Info! - 2179 Replies

Hey everyone, For those people who were interested in working as a flight attendant for Delta Air Lines, here is a place to get your information...

PetraLmt in Orlando, Florida

Updated 1 day ago

Norwegian Air Shuttle - 3573 Replies

Has anyone on here applied for tha FA position braces out of JFK with Norwegian Airlines?

SurfsUpAL in NorCal, California

Updated 1 day ago

How To Change Careers After Being A Flight Attendant - Need Ideas?? - 28 Replies

I have been flying for over 10 years (most of my adult career-life) and am looking to get out of the industry. Do any ex-flight attendants have any...

kellypech in Round Rock, Texas

Updated 1 day ago

Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Candidates -( April 2015) - 1185 Replies

Welcome all Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Candidates -( April 2015) Please keep in mind Airline recruiters- HR monitor social...

King2011 in Home, Florida

Updated 1 day ago

Mesa Airlines - 7439 Replies

Is there anyone out there who works as a flight attendant for Mesa? I hear so much negative conversation about them and the way they treat their...

fawnmarable in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

In need of a CVG crash Pad?

I will be based next month and I'm looking for a Crashpad. Female, clean, mature, non-smoker.

kellypech in Round Rock, Texas

Updated 1 day ago

Southwest airlines flight attendant 2015 hopefuls - 2613 Replies

I just can't wait until the hiring window opens up again! When it does, I will post my progress here. I know I have what it takes... do you?

Fly girl in Feasterville Trevose, Pennsylvania

Updated 1 day ago

Envoy - 356 Replies

Hello all! Is Envoy the regional carrier for American Airlines? Also, I've been reading where they are giving a lot of their planes away... any info....

B strong in Jamaica, New York

Updated 1 day ago

Jet Blue Airport Operations Crew (Ticket Agents) - 821 Replies

To apply for this position on Jet Blue go to www.jetblue.com/carees create a profile and apply for the position open in your city. Check daily to...

Skybabe in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Updated 2 days ago

DELTA Airlines Flight Attendant Interviews 2016 - 1024 Replies

There is a Fresh new opening for the Flight attendant position for Delta! Please share your experiences and timelines of your events. Please be...

lluvaldez in Long Beach, California

Updated 2 days ago

United Airlines Flight Attendant Hiring 2014 - 2726 Replies

United is finally accepting applications for new Flight Attendants! This is awesome! I just submitted my application a few minutes ago. Has anyone...


Updated 2 days ago


need your experience people! I would like you to post me you knowledge about different Airlines Salary (US). Talking about Flight Pay and per...

flight2010 in Cumming, Georgia

Updated 2 days ago

Compass Airlines? - 6614 Replies

I am flying to St. Paul on wednesday to interview with Compass Airlines. Has anyone here interviewed with them or currently working for them? (I...

FJPP in Bloomington, Indiana

Updated 3 days ago


So you think you have what it takes to be a Delta FA, well giddyup and show me.

AriannaMC in Amsterdam, New York

Updated 3 days ago

Republic, Shuttle, Chautauqua, North American, Trans States , and Air Wiscosin? - 29864 Replies

Any word on this airlines? How is to work with them and payment?

Jeffrey in Portsmouth, Virginia

Updated 3 days ago

Tell about f2f interview on American Airlines hiring flight attendant - 202 Replies

Will have my ftc in 2 weeks and want to learn little more about this process from the time you get there to the time you finish

flyer in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Updated 4 days ago

Commutair - 604 Replies

Does anyone have any info on commutair. They fly as continental express out of cleveland. Thanks for any replies

Flygal83 in Honolulu, Hawaii

Updated 4 days ago

Would like to hear from mothers who are flight attendants. - 206 Replies

Hi I would like to hear from mothers who are also flight attendants. How do you balance your career with children/family?

Kclark in Louisville, Kentucky

Updated 4 days ago

Tattoos? - 3 Replies

Any airline with uniforms that go to the wrists? I'm interested in becoming a flight attendant but realize that there are strict tattoo-related...

Jsusgrl in Gilbert, Arizona

Updated 4 days ago

Allegiant - 7423 Replies

Has anyone ever applied or worked for Allegiant? They seem to be a good company to work from from what I've read. They also have the domiciles I...

DriDri in Edgewood, Washington

Updated 4 days ago

Horizon Airlines Interview Overview - 1010 Replies

HORIZON AIRLINES BENEFITS -100% paid benefits for the flight attendant (medical, dental, etc.), inexpensive benefits for the family if you wish...

Flygirl1208 in Homestead, Pennsylvania

Updated 4 days ago

Which airlines have paid training and provide housing during training? - 18 Replies

I had my first phone interview with Delta Airlines on Wed, Apr. 9. Just got my TBNT email today. :( Anyone which Airlines have paid training and...

Leslie in Radcliff, Kentucky

Updated 4 days ago

Omni AIr international - 1377 Replies

Does anyone know info on Omni Air International Charter Service possibly someone who has worked for them as a flight attendant?

BecoS in Pompano Beach, Florida

Updated 5 days ago

Private planes and Jets - 72 Replies

Does anyone knows how to apply to be a flight attendant on private charter planes or jets?? I looked at a few private carriers websites but they...

Jeannette in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Updated 6 days ago

2016 Southwest Airlines Flight Attendant Candidates - 12 Replies

https://www.facebook.com/groups/2016SWAflightattendantcandidates/ Our Facebook group Thisis a new forum for Aug11 and on 2016 SWA FA candidates...

futureflygirl in Sun City West, Arizona

Updated 6 days ago

Virgin America - 13225 Replies

Does anyone have any insight on Virgin America? This airline was suggested to me by a kind person on here and I went to their website to check them...

Sally sal in Harner, West Virginia

Updated 6 days ago

air wisconsin trainging school - 2267 Replies

hello out there, i was just hired as a flight attdendant for awac airlines.i was wondering if anyone can suggest anything i can study in advance for...

Amir in Irving, Texas

Updated 6 days ago

Spirit Airlines... - 11186 Replies

I heard they were hiring, and it also shows up on the website. Does anyone know if this is true?

Solar Bear in Indialantic, Florida

Updated 7 days ago

Trans States Airlines - 1194 Replies

Can anyone give me any information on Trans States Airlines. I went on an interview and was hired. I had not heard that much about them before. ...

ABB in Erie, Pennsylvania

Updated 7 days ago

SKYWEST - 10574 Replies

does anyone know when skywest has their training dates? i had an interview with them the other day and am still waiting to hear from them. the...


Updated 8 days ago

Endeavor Airlines - 867 Replies

So I don't know if anyone heard, but Pinnacle Airlines changed their name and address now hiring flight attendants. Do anyone have anymore...

su007 in south miami, Florida

Updated 9 days ago

Delta Non-LOD F/A Forum - 464 Replies

Hello Fellow Applicants, Let's see if we can share info's about our application- DL/FA - Non-LOD. I submitted my application Aug 27, finished...

su007 in south miami, Florida

Updated 9 days ago

Xtra airways - 728 Replies

I have been invited to attend a interview session for Xtra Airways, Does anyone know if they provide air travel to the event?, I live in Ohio.

Jet-Stew-From-Fla in Somewhere, Florida

Updated 10 days ago

Endeavor flight attendant - 3 Replies

Hey I was wondering anyone in the August training class did anyone receive a email in regards of the day we have to leave ?

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