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Shash in Satellite Beach, Florida

Updated 11 months ago


Don't let OLD DELTA TRICK YOU WITH THEIR NEW TRICKS. I went to one of their interviews. I walked into a big conference only to see we've been...

Kasey in Thousand Oaks, California

Allegiant - After video interview?

Hi guys, I did my video interview last Thursday. I haven't heard back. Is this a bad sign? Or how long did it take for Allegiant to get back to...

Kelley in Harvard, Illinois


DOES ANYONE KNOW IF I SHOULD introduce myself for the online interview.

Tmrxo90 in Belleville, Illinois

United Airlines August 5th

i have an interview Aug th ,2015 in chicago anybody else?

staceyives73@*****.*** in Benton, Arkansas

Updated 12 months ago

Upcoming UNITED Flight Attendant Interview - 3977 Replies

Has anyone interviewed with United recently? Do you know the process? When is their next scheduled training class? Any info would be great! ...

Jonic2 in Oviedo, Florida

Updated 12 months ago

Resume - 1 Reply

I mistakenly uploaded my resume twice and just can't seem to figure out a way to remove the 2nd one. Anyone with any insight? Thanks...

meivinn@*****.*** in Bronx, New York


This type of Job posting is a SCAM. Do not send your personal information to this type of job posting.

Angelica rivera in San Antonio, Texas

United interview- Jul 17th 3015

Was nice meeting everyone today. Lots of luck to everyone. Kim- email ativera2169@live.com

christi12 in Port Richey, Florida

Updated 12 months ago

US AIRWAYS HIRING FAs 2014 - 1614 Replies

US Airways once again is hiring for 2014! Post your questions, concerns, advice, experience with video, phone and F2F interviews here!

Future_Fa in Inman, South Carolina


I had my first web interview yesterday the 14th. How long does it usually take to hear back from the company after that? I applied with mesa...

bbeelman in Saint Petersburg, Florida

Delta Airlines FA Group Interviews July 13-17 2015

Anybody going to be in Newark for the group interviews on Thursday and Friday July 16 and 17??

anthony.norris2 in New York, New York

Updated 12 months ago

JetBlue Hiring Flight Attendants Nov. 2014 - 73 Replies

JetBlue is hiring as of November 5, 2014! Figured I would start a new forum for all new applicants. Good luck to everyone applying and I hope you...

znuy in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 12 months ago


Hi All, Starting a forum for the Toronto base. If you have any info, please share here. Thanks!!!

SP in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 12 months ago

United Airlines interview 2015 Flight Attendant - 26 Replies

is anyone going to the United Airlines interview in San Francisco on March 11th. please email me at bellanira1108@gmail.com

wapiti in Houston, Texas

Updated 12 months ago

Skywest FA training class Sept 16th! - 1 Reply

Hey all! I interviewed with Skywest in Seattle WA on June 10th and just received my invite to training for Septemeber 16th! Anyone else out there...

gixerkiller in Gardena, California

Updated 13 months ago

Resume Free Job!!! - 1 Reply

Hey guys, There’s a way to get employed without sending a single resume. Check this amazing video http://unbouncepages.com/getmeemployednow/ to...

SeeTheWorld in Chandler, Arizona

DFW Living

I have recently recieved news that I would be based at DFW. Anyone have any suggestions for accomadations/ crash pads/ nice inexpensive apartments...

Bbivory in Bronx, New York

Updated 13 months ago

Emirates open day at Washington DC July 24 - 2 Replies

Does anyone going to, try to book flight ticket early

Spaceship in Texas

Updated 13 months ago

Plus size flight attendant? - 1 Reply

I am a larger woman, and I want to ask the flight attendants on here how big is "too big" for this job, I am starting a new diet routine and trying...

raheem in Kingston, Jamaica

Updated 13 months ago

Can males apply for a job as flight attendant? - 10 Replies

Hi im just curious if males can apply for the job as a flight attendant for as we know this is a all-women-job. If given a chance i would really love...

FA2015 in Fort Worth, Texas

Video interview

I did a video interview with United on June 8tb how long does it take before you get invitation to f2f?

1 in San Francisco, United Kingdom



1 in San Francisco, United Kingdom



Cory in California

f2f SFO on Thursday, 6/11th

I have my f2f in SFO this Thursday 6/11th. Anyone else going? Want to meet the evening before for dinner, coffee or talk? Would like to meet you...

DLHopeful in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 13 months ago

Air Traffic Controller as a career - 3 Replies

I was considering going back to school for a degree in civil or mechanical engineering. Debating to the program take up to three years. There is a...

Spicepinkie in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Flight Attendant Training / Study Tips

It is a common knowledge that the Flight attendant training is hard. For new hires it can be scary waiting to go there.. Does anyone has study...

wings2012 in Wichita, Kansas

SWA crew scheduler

Hello, I know this is only for flight attendants but along the same lines kind of. Does anyone know anything about swa crew scheduling position they...

mrsc68 in Peralta, New Mexico

Video Interviews

I've applied to a few FA jobs recently. I've got experience and would love to get back in to the profession. I seem to do great getting past the app...

Phoenix in Tempe, Arizona

Updated 14 months ago

Mesa Airlines flight attendant - 5 Replies

I am going to the interview session on Wednesday May 6 in PHX. Is anyone else going?

fitvita66 in San Marcos, Texas

Group Interview Session

I have a Group Interview Session appt Thursday May 14th!! What can I expect? Will there also be a F2F? Will there likely be another before...

LuvGlobalFlying in California

Updated 14 months ago

Flight Attendant Qualifications - 1 Reply

Hello!! So its my dream beyond dream to become a flight attendant. I eat sleep & breath travel & customer service so its basically perfect. BUT Ive...

olala in Jakarta, Indonesia

Updated 14 months ago

Emirates Airlines ... 6 month window to reapply ... Does the company really adhere to this?? - 6 Replies

Hello. I interviewed with Emirates Airlines on July 27, 2013 in Phoenix. Unfortunately, I did not make it thru to the final interview. So, I am to...

barbgirl15 in Los Angeles, California

Flight Attendant training in L.A

Is there any flight attendant training in los angeles or which airline trains here ?... because I'm not from los angeles so I want to be able to give...

Nero in Troy, Michigan

Updated 14 months ago

Interview on 4/22 - 3 Replies

Is there anyone that wants to meet up in San Francisco? My interview is Wednesday the 23rd. Looking to share hotel.

blowinbubbles in Colorado

Updated 15 months ago

Mater degree and photo on resume for first time flight attendant - 1 Reply

It is my first time applying for a flight attendant position. Should I include my two masters degrees in my resume or will I appear overqualified and...

Olesia in Washington, District of Columbia

Updated 15 months ago

Delta flight attendant 2015 trainee. - 27 Replies

Hi every one, Let's start a 2015 trainee forum here who made to CJO.

Adam in Avondale, Arizona

Updated 15 months ago

Baltia Air Lines- The hottest United Sates startup Airline!?? - 271 Replies

What do you think of Baltia Air Lines? Their annual growth rate is amazing and price is economical too: http://www.thestreet.com/quote/BLTA.html?pg=a...

Chynawhyte in Union City, Georgia

Is anybody going to the Interview in Houston for United on April 27th?

Is anyone going to Houston For April 27th interview ? If so would u like to share a room and have mock interviews? Lol

Gtothalo in Shelby, North Carolina

Car dealership interview, need advice....

Anyone know what its like to be a car salesman? Any advice on the interview?

AudiPrincess15 in Longwood, Florida

Updated 15 months ago

2014- (Fall-)American Airlines Flight Attendant Candidates - 113 Replies

Greetings I decided as I have recently applied myself to begin a new AA FA candidate forum for 2014 Fall This will be for 2015 classes . If you...

Jmarie in Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Hours, second language pay, international schedule

I have read that when FA's start they are guaranteed 75 hours a month. How many hours do you actually work a month. 75 hours at $18-20/hr would be...

ASoares in Pensacola, Florida

Updated 15 months ago

Crewmember visa for foreign passport holder - 18 Replies

Can anybody tell me how to go about obtaining a crewmember visa (I actually need 10). It's been very challenging getting through on the phone with...

Malo Smith in Portland, Oregon

Updated 15 months ago

People with Disabilities - 1 Reply

Out of curiosity, People with disabilities like they can't speak clearly very well can be Flight Attendants with the airlines??

bklynchick718 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Administrative office specialist VS. Medical Administrative Specailist VS. Medical Assiting

Hello I have 3 years in medical office secretarial work, never recived a letter of recommendation from them but, I am not sure if I continue in this...

Hopeful F/A in Anchorage, Alaska

Updated 16 months ago

Alaska Airline Hiring 2014 - 38 Replies

Hi everyone. :) I noticed that Alaska is hiring for a few differnt bases this year. I am currently a Flight Attendant for Spirit and was thinking of...

flight attendant hopeful! in Atlanta, Georgia

Great Flight Attendant Advice

Hey there! I would like to recommend every flight attendant hopeful go join this Facebook group- "The Flight Attendant Life Careers" Professional...

FlywithJewel in Houston, Texas

Express Jet Flight Attendant training April 2015!!!

Hello guys, I will be in Training April 6th here in Houston.. who else will be there? how is the studying going???

Lin in Lexington, Kentucky

Updated 16 months ago


So I was made aware that Virgin America was now hiring as of today for LAX. The website itself has crashed though when I went to apply. Any word on...

Yan in Mississauga, Ontario

Updated 16 months ago


Hey guys, for those who applied in January 2015. Any one heard anything? I know from reading other forums, vancouver seems to have started calling...

SKing in Newnan, Georgia

Updated 16 months ago

Commuter Pads? - 13 Replies

Hello Everyone!:) Just got news that I got the F/A job with Virgin America, so excited!!!! I will be commuting from LA to SFO, does anyone out there...

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