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Dave in L.A.

Updated 2 days ago

Things you must know before enrolling into Freight Broker Training. - 192 Replies

[QUOTE who="Freight-Girl in Columbia, South Carolina"]Email me and I can help you with at least a few of your questions and at no cost at all from me...


Updated 2 days ago

How Do i become a Freight broker without experience - 47 Replies

[QUOTE who="PK Tiemann in Midland, Texas"]I am looking for agents. May work from home. Need computer , fax, telephone and quite work area. Will train...


Updated 5 days ago

Freight Broker position wanted - 1 Reply

Has anyone offered you a position yet?


Updated 5 days ago

Shippers - 1 Reply

If your looking to move produce check out For industrial freight check out They are both directories that...


Updated 5 days ago

I need frieght broker software - 1 Reply

Try, they have great software, for the price you won't find anything better.


Updated 5 days ago

What are typical freight agent broker salaries? - 892 Replies

Lets call it like it is , You make 10 to $ 20 k a month and FIRST you want to work for someone else and # 2nd you have no idea what carriers to...


Updated 8 days ago

Freight Broker Schools are Scams! - 166 Replies

[QUOTE who="Joey in Texas"]I am an active duty service member due to retire in a year. I am looking to start my own broking company. I am wanting to...


Updated 8 days ago

Building a car hauler business - 128 Replies



Updated 9 days ago

Broker DOT# - 2 Replies

[QUOTE who="DontheBroker in Chicago, Illinois"]Yes. You'll need operating authority, which is your MC and DOT numbers, you'll also need a bond, and a...


Updated 10 days ago

Freight Brokerage for Sale Cheap, Cross Posted, Need to sell quickly - 8 Replies

Yes it's still for sale., or call/text eight five nine three two two zero zero nine zero -Chris


Updated 12 days ago

Agent or Owner? - 5 Replies

[QUOTE who="Paul in Lake Elsinore, California"]To be honest with you , I have been an agent for other companies as well as running my own. I have...


a program to post and book loads

Load - pilot what a joke I have begged and pleaded and begged and pleaded some more for them to show me how their system works to no avail. It says...


Updated 15 days ago

Does anyone know of any companies that will you broker from home? - 8 Replies


Martin Ukonu

Starting a trucking business

I have a through knowledge of the trucking industry. I am a trained freight broker, freight dispatcher and a company driver. I will like to start a...


Updated 18 days ago


Binya Logisitics is looking for individuals to work under > a licensed FREIGHT BROKER as a freight broker agent/ dispatcher for > transportation....


Updated 24 days ago

Need help becoming a Freight Broker - 506 Replies

The key to brokering is finding direct shippers- we have an awesome system :-)


Updated 25 days ago

Trucking Company looking for Broker or shippers - 4 Replies

Hello I am a freight broker and our company is available to ship all types of loads. Feel free to email me to handle all of your shipping needs. ...


New Agent Looking to Gain Experience

Hi I am looking to gain experience as a new agent. Any Broker Agent looking for agents?


Updated 1 month ago

What are the best freight agent broker qualifications and training to get ahead? - 182 Replies

[QUOTE who="jeff in Keller, Texas"]You never know when a relationship is going to make or break you. I remember one year when General Motors...

Motor Freight Logistics

Updated 1 month ago

Recent Freight Agent Recruiting Conversations........ - 1 Reply

Hiring Experienced Freight Broker Agents! Please visit


Updated 1 month ago

Cold Calls - 57 Replies

[QUOTE who="Mabel in Rialto, California"]My husband is an owner operator and I'm dispatching him since his established his own business (2007)plus 1...


Updated 1 month ago

How to become a Freight Agent - Home office - 1 Reply

Krys, I'm selling a brokerage for a very reasonable price. For someone with no experience, I'm offering unlimited training and support, as well. For...

freight doc

Updated 1 month ago

I am A Trucker Wife looking to become an At Home Freight Broker Agent - 13 Replies

Becoming a freight broker or agent is definitely an interesting career. I recommend to anyone the first place to begin is to determine what part of...

Equistep Assurance

The secrets to success in freight transportation

With 35 years’ experience we will show you the secrets to success in freight transportation! This is the perfect home office or virtual ("work...


Updated 1 month ago

Can I get business as a new broker? - 2 Replies

I'm looking to sell an established brokerage for less than it'd take you to start up a new brokerage. If you're interested, send me an email...

Bobby Loads





Has anyone tried the khl logistics agent program?

Beach Kowboy

Looking for work as freight agent

Hello, I am interested in getting into freight brokering. I have ran some of the largest produce/vegetable packinghouses in the united states and...


Updated 2 months ago

Broker or Agent Needed For Savannah Georgia Area - 2 Replies

Hello, Are you still looking for a carrier agent to open an office in Savannah, GA? Thank you.

nspired journey

Updated 2 months ago

Is anyone selling their broker MC# - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="PHF in Nashville, Tennessee"]I have a broker number that I have had since July 2003. I am currently working for a company and no longer...


Updated 3 months ago

Freight Brokers WANTED throughout the United States...Work from home - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="azayed in Frankfort, Illinois"]I am looking to get started in the freight brokerage business . I have had my own trucking company for...

Marianne Gilson

Sub agent would like to learn more

I am currently a sub agent and learning the ropes quickly. I am looking for another company to train and work with, would like a company who can give...


Help with freight brokering

So I have a lot of questions and I hope you guys can help. I am currently 19 almost 20 and my first question was is there any good internships or...

Nancy in Savona

Updated 4 months ago

How to Become A Work-From-Home Freight Agent With NO Experience - 7 Replies

Good Grief can you spam any more?!!

Equistep Assurance

Updated 4 months ago

What's Next?? - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="rv7driver in Fullerton, California"]My registration as a broker is complete. I've got customers and I've got carriers. What is the next...

Growth Broker

Updated 4 months ago

What is the best Software for Freight Brokers? - 88 Replies

Otis, Great response. I am going through the procurement process now and can not agree with your post enough. Do you have a template I can use...


Updated 5 months ago

anyone have exp. with turbo transportation group - 24 Replies

[QUOTE who="r d trucking in ladysmith, Wisconsin"]i was wondering if you are laura woods, the wife of scott woods, vice president of turbo...


Updated 6 months ago

Freight Broker Software - 20 Replies

Load Boards Don’t Work – The problem with load boards is that they are backward. Think of this from a wide-angle type of view. A Broker has a request...


Updated 7 months ago

Looking for two good Home Based Agents - 19 Replies

Hello, I don't live in the USA but I'm very experienced web developer and programmer - and I'd like to start working remotely for an US based agency...


Updated 7 months ago

freight agent hires - 4 Replies

[QUOTE who="Aok in Olathe, Kansas"]Yes, you can work from home. Most of our agents do. Our program is relatively simple. 70% commission for new...


Updated 7 months ago

FED Ex--- 1099 Contract Laborers are now Emploees In the state of California - 2 Replies

If you are an freight agent working for someone else anywhere , and you live and work in California , and are paid with a 1099 the company you work...


a quick question

I'm currently a teacher and work from 7:45 to 3:3o. My question is, is it posible to find loads after the 5 PM? I live in Texas, so I'm assuming the...

sam in Laredo, Texas

Updated 8 months ago

freight broker info/help - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, im looking for information on becoming a freight broker. I got home about 2 months ago from the Marine Corps and was medically...

Consolidated_Logistics in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 9 months ago

Freight Broker Agents FAQs - 79 Replies

First off I am 3rd generation in the transportation industry. I have been a small fleet owner and also a freight broker. Let me try and give some...

Consolidated_Logistics in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 9 months ago

Freight Agent - 6 Replies

Hi, I am new in the freight agent business. I was a driver for 8 years. I am having problems getting customers. Can anyone give me advice on how to...

me in Saint Augustine, Florida

Updated 9 months ago

Freight Brokers - 1 Reply

Good Evening, I just wanted to say to you'll that I'm a freight broker for a large global company and you have me over here shaking my head. I owned...

OffRoadRuckus in Naubinway, Michigan

Updated 9 months ago

Who quotes the price of a load? Shipper? Broker or Carrier? - 10 Replies

I'm trying to learn the business of a freight brokerage. When a freight broker is trying to land a load. Who decides on what price that load is going...

NKGeer in Shelbyville, Tennessee

Updated 10 months ago

freight broker AGENT - 26 Replies

Looking for help getting into freight broker agent field I have truck driving experience otr and ltl and dispatch as well as sales I owned a...

Todd in Swartz Creek, Michigan

Updated 10 months ago

I need to what info is needed to become an auto transport BROKER - 34 Replies

Hi, we travel across the US in a 9 car carrier. I want to work from home to become a broker now. The small company we work for uses brokers, but we...

Tim Nowicki in Buffalo, New York

Updated 10 months ago

I'm looking for a new opportunity - 12 Replies

I'm looking for a new opportunity in the business as an Agent.. I see different companies out there offering similar commission structures, but who...

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