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Updated 4 hours ago

How Do i become a Freight broker without experience - 380 Replies

[QUOTE who="wajackson in Columbia, South Carolina"]This sounds like what I am looking for, are you still looking for agents?[/QUOTE] I am absolutely...


Updated 11 hours ago

Building a car hauler business - 181 Replies

[QUOTE who="Kenny in Lanham, Maryland"]Can you please contact me I will pay you to help me get started[/QUOTE] Can you contact me I will pay you...


Updated 16 hours ago

I am A Trucker Wife looking to become an At Home Freight Broker Agent - 85 Replies

We are a smaller brokerage and this has worked well for us An overview of this position is we train you and furnish you with leads out of our web...


Logistics and Freight Shipping News Sources

Can someone give me an idea of what the best on-line news source would be for a freight broker agent - i.e. pertaining to logistics and freight...


Updated 2 days ago

Contacts of past customers from Retired Freight Broker - 3 Replies

[QUOTE who="AOK Freight in Olathe, Kansas"]We are interested , can you email me at[/QUOTE] The BoB has sold


Updated 2 days ago

Cold Calls - 83 Replies

[QUOTE who="grizbarrus in Salt Lake City, Utah"]Serious inquiry, 1) How long ago did you retire/How long have these leads been operating without...


Updated 3 days ago

Things you must know before enrolling into Freight Broker Training. - 337 Replies

I work in the industry as well and I agree that Freight Broker Training may not be the right choice for every individual wanting to work in the...


Updated 3 days ago

I'm seeking a freight broker agent position - 3 Replies

Sorry it is


Updated 4 days ago

What is need to become a freight broker agent ?! - 4 Replies

We are a smaller brokerage and this has worked well for us An overview of this position is we train you and furnish you with leads out of our web...


Updated 8 days ago


Wow. That's around $100/hr!

Christie Montesdeoca

Updated 11 days ago

Freight broker agents wanted experience or no experience - 1 Reply

Hello I am interested in becoming a freight broker how ever I have no experience.


Updated 17 days ago

Freight Broker Schools are Scams! - 183 Replies

[QUOTE who="mnm in Plant City, Florida"]Never Once have I posted that! Go back and re-read![/QUOTE] Can you send me the info on the lady in...

100% Broker

Updated 20 days ago

What are typical freight agent broker salaries? - 922 Replies


FreightBrokersCourse in Fontana, California

Updated 1 month ago

What is the best Software for Freight Brokers? - 126 Replies

I have been shopping around for freight broker software, and im curious as to what people in the business recommend or think is the best software.

AOK Freight in Olathe, Kansas

Updated 1 month ago


Our training program is taught by Leisa Morgan, our COO and Partner. Leisa has over 15 years in the industry and has trained countless freight agents...

wmhammons in Branson, Missouri

Freight Agent Training and Agent Position

USA Transportation Logistics LLC was formed to provide Individuals a way to get a start into the Freight Broker Agent Business with little or no...


Looking for independent freight broker agents


Cmckean in Washington

Updated 1 month ago

Freight Brokers WANTED throughout the United States...Work from home - 10 Replies

Specialty Transport Solutions International We are looking for home based freight brokers. Agents with established accounts as well as new...

PowerOnlyTransit in Las Vegas, Nevada

Updated 1 month ago

Freight broker account manager looking for work - 2 Replies

I currently am a account rep for a freight brokering company but I am looking to do this from home. Are there any companies that do this? in Fontana, California

Updated 2 months ago

Anyone looking for a work from home opportnity - 3 Replies

Hello and Welcome ! This is a very unique opportunity to generate revenue from home or be trained to become an independent agent for a major...

srasurety in Columbia, Missouri

Updated 2 months ago

surety bonds - 68 Replies

can i make money as a freight broker until i make enough to secure my surety bond or enough to send the $10,000 the fmcsa or will i get in trouble....

Tutone in Suring, Wisconsin

Updated 2 months ago

I am interested in working with broker... - 6 Replies

I am interested in working with broker... I have no experience but I am familiar with terms I have an MBA with international business...

Anthony Badewa in Erlanger, Kentucky


New broker looking for business. Want to split profit right down the middle. I have DAT Solutions, Internet TruckStop, Online-Support package,...

7Fr8 in Erlanger, Kentucky

Updated 2 months ago

Im an agent looking for a person to partner with me - 11 Replies

I am an agent but I am in need of a person who wants to grow as an agent together. I need someone who I can feed leads to and they can make calls...

7Fr8 in Erlanger, Kentucky

Updated 2 months ago

Freight agent /broker - 2 Replies

I am a diesel mechanic. And would like to make money from home to have more time with my family. I would like to become an freight agent or...

Monster in Georgetown, Texas

Updated 2 months ago

Advice on getting started in heavy hauling - 12 Replies

I have experience in brokering dry and refrigerated freight. I we want to move in to heavy hauling. What prior knowledge would I need to approach a...

sheldon in Fayetteville, Georgia

Updated 3 months ago

Work From Home New Freight Agents/Brokers Full or Part-Time with No Experience - 2 Replies

We see allot of posts on here. I hope this helps. Those who are new and want to be a Freight Agent/Broker We assign you a mentor when...

Robert in Chicago, Illinois

Freight Brokers in Chicago (Not Carrier Sales Reps)

We are a growing freight brokerage with an abundance of quality leads (Glengarry Leads) and we are looking for someone with experience that can get...

AOK Freight in Olathe, Kansas

Updated 3 months ago

Freight Sales Agent Info (I hope this helps) - 2 Replies

We are a smaller brokerage and this has worked well for us An overview of this position is we furnish you with leads or you use your own to be...

ernierisinger in Branson, Missouri

Updated 3 months ago

Trucking Company looking for Broker or shippers - 9 Replies

Hello, I'm a disptacher with a trucking company. Right now I'm looking for good paying loads out of the Northeast. Would like 2.00 a mile but would...

Tutone in Suring, Wisconsin

Becoming a Freight Broker.

Please no one take this the wrong way, but to become a broker, you need very deep pockets. Becoming an Agent, now that's something I know a little...

thefastlane in Madoc, Ontario

freight agents

Who out there is looking for freight agents out of Canada? Can find loads and trucks either side of the border but office would be in Canada. Thanks.

faleciahayes in Conyers, Georgia

Becoming a freight broker

Hi ive been a truck for years and want a career change interested becoming a freight broker.Have no experience will to learn.

Treveon in Winter Park, Florida

Begin a New Life

you can get good new life

FreightBrokersCourse in Fontana, California

Updated 4 months ago

Freight Broker Business in Atlanta - 22 Replies

Hello All; I'm learning about the freight broker business and I want to become an agent to gain some experience. I wanted to know how is the...

johnnyjay in Birmingham, Alabama

Book of Business

Wanted to see there were any freight brokers getting out of the business and looking to sell their book. I recently switched companies and don't have...

Danielgdee@*****.*** in Los Angeles, California

Updated 4 months ago

Sales Agency Start-up - 16 Replies

I used to work for a Freight Brokerage, but do not want to be a freight broker. However, I enjoyed cold-calling and landing accounts. So I have...

Veteran Logistics in Lenexa, Kansas

Updated 4 months ago

Commission sales opportunity - 1 Reply

Veteran Logistics (A Globaltranz Agency) is looking for individuals for a commission based sales opportunity. Pay starts at 35% commision on the...

AOK Freight in Olathe, Kansas

Freight Broker work from home suggestion

I see allot of questions or comments on becoming a freight broker to work from home. My two cents for what it is worth is to start as a freight...

FreightBrokersCourse in Fontana, California

Updated 4 months ago

Freight Broker - 1 Reply

My husband is an owner operator, he's buying his truck through the company he works for and he doesn't own the trailer. I book his loads from the...

FreightBrokersCourse in Fontana, California

Updated 5 months ago

Is there any brokers willing to mentor - 4 Replies

I would like to know if there are any freight brokers willing to mentor someone new to this side of the transportation. My husband is an owner...

FreightBrokersCourse in Fontana, California

Updated 5 months ago

finding shippers - 27 Replies

please!!!!!!!!!!! can someone just give me one good technique how to find companies that need shipping

FreightBrokersCourse in Fontana, California

Updated 5 months ago

Has anyone used Trucking Planet's Shipper Database? - 8 Replies

I see there are lots of states and was wondering if anyone has had experience using these. Are there good leads? Most of the carriers I deal with...

Thomas Moran in Miami, Florida

Updated 5 months ago

Experienced Freight Broker with large diverse customer base seeks a new home - 1 Reply

Anybody have any ideas who the best asset-based brokerages are? I know who they are, just have not researched who are the best to work...

KK in Saint Louis, Missouri

Buy a MC#

Is there anyone selling their active mc#? Please email me at

D Clark in Fayetteville, North Carolina

Updated 5 months ago

I need to what info is needed to become an auto transport BROKER - 35 Replies

Hi, we travel across the US in a 9 car carrier. I want to work from home to become a broker now. The small company we work for uses brokers, but we...

ok jones in Miami, Florida

Updated 6 months ago

Need help becoming a Freight Broker - 526 Replies

Hello, I have been a truck driver over 6 years and know that side of the business well. I have dealt with numerous brokers as well. I recently...

FreightBrokersCourse in Fontana, California

Updated 6 months ago

Fresh meat..How do I get started - 1 Reply

Young stay at home mother would like to know what I have to do to get started in becoming a Broker. I have all the time and computer...

FreightRun in Florida

Updated 6 months ago

I AM Freight Forwarder and Freight Broker Get Cheapest rates here!!!! - 2 Replies

Hi This is One of Account Manager here at YRC Freight if you are looking for cheap Truck Loads , Less than Truck Loads and etc. you may contact me...

Kristina in Portland, Oregon

Updated 7 months ago

Any suggestions on what to pay a freight finder??? - 22 Replies

I am fixing to hire out someone to be a freight finder for me and was curious how to pay the. Per load? Percentage? Flat rate? Any...

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