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Updated 2 hours ago

How Do i become a Freight broker without experience - 311 Replies

I am interested in learning more on becoming an Freight Broker. I have experience in recruiting Truck Drivers but desire to go further like moving...


Updated 12 hours ago

Building a car hauler business - 172 Replies

[QUOTE who="James Creech in Smithfield, North Carolina"]If Your looking for loads this compnay has weekly auto transport trips from Las vegas,NV to...


Updated 18 hours ago

Buy real and fake passport - 7 Replies

Buy Quality COUNTERFEIT MONEY And fake Passports,Driver’s License,ID Cards,Visas.( We produce both real and fake...


Updated 4 days ago

What is the best Software for Freight Brokers? - 122 Replies

I'd like to take this opportunity to invite anyone looking for Freight Brokerage software to look into Arcline (2000) Inc's ArcFrieght...


Becoming a freight broker

Hi ive been a truck for years and want a career change interested becoming a freight broker.Have no experience will to learn.


Begin a New Life

you can get good new life


Updated 6 days ago

Things you must know before enrolling into Freight Broker Training. - 312 Replies

[QUOTE who="Freight-Girl in Columbia, South Carolina"]YES..I KNOW OF A FEW..AND THEY ARE FEW AND FAR BETWEEN BUT THEY EXIST..EMAIL ME!!![/QUOTE] Ca...


Updated 11 days ago

I am A Trucker Wife looking to become an At Home Freight Broker Agent - 59 Replies


Updated 12 days ago

Freight Broker Business in Atlanta - 22 Replies

[QUOTE who="CMCC Truckin in Douglasville, Georgia"]Interested in becoming a broker. Need some information or a starting place.[/QUOTE] Hi Please...


Updated 12 days ago

Freight agent /broker - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Loswift in Nottingham, Maryland"]I am a diesel mechanic. And would like to make money from home to have more time with my family. I would...


Updated 12 days ago

Im an agent looking for a person to partner with me - 9 Replies

[QUOTE who="justincathey in Leavenworth, Kansas"]Hell my name is justin cathey would love yo learn to be a freight broker and eventually build my own...


Book of Business

Wanted to see there were any freight brokers getting out of the business and looking to sell their book. I recently switched companies and don't have...


Updated 13 days ago

Trucking Company looking for Broker or shippers - 7 Replies

Are you looking for loads send me your contact info, we have loads in 48 states.....Debbera


Updated 13 days ago

Anyone looking for a work from home opportnity - 1 Reply

I am very interested in this opportunity. It is exactly what im looking for


Updated 15 days ago

Sales Agency Start-up - 16 Replies

Did they help obtain leads...

Veteran Logistics

Updated 17 days ago

Commission sales opportunity - 1 Reply

Please email with your resume.

M Connor

Updated 22 days ago

What are typical freight agent broker salaries? - 915 Replies

[QUOTE who="jmmshop in Orlando, Florida"]I have worked for Worldwide express and then Unishipper for a total of 4 years experience. I am looking for...

AOK Freight

Freight Broker work from home suggestion

I see allot of questions or comments on becoming a freight broker to work from home. My two cents for what it is worth is to start as a freight...


Updated 1 month ago

Freight Broker - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Denise in Georgia"]My husband is an owner operator, he's buying his truck through the company he works for and he doesn't own the...


Updated 1 month ago

Is there any brokers willing to mentor - 4 Replies

NOTE: This position is commission-based ONLY, but hard work will be rewarded and may include bonuses! We are willing to train NO Prior brokerage...


Updated 1 month ago

finding shippers - 27 Replies

[QUOTE who="samr5207 in Mineola, New York"]oh i really thank you for you help.... let me ask you is freight factoring companies something brokers use...


Updated 1 month ago

Has anyone used Trucking Planet's Shipper Database? - 8 Replies

Find available truck loads in your local area or to move truck loads from state to state.

Thomas Moran

Updated 1 month ago

Experienced Freight Broker with large diverse customer base seeks a new home - 1 Reply

Asset based only? May I ask why? Some of the non-asset based ones are so much more financially stable ... Thomas Moran, FreightRun.Com


Updated 1 month ago

Freight Broker Schools are Scams! - 178 Replies

[QUOTE who="Bridget in Arlington, Texas"]Kelly the lady that taught you will be blessed. So how did you get started I don't know where to turn. My...


Buy a MC#

Is there anyone selling their active mc#? Please email me at


Updated 1 month ago


[QUOTE who="Kelly in Oak Lawn, Illinois"]or you can find me and make 75% but you have to do the dispatch work. Heck, you have to work anyways right?!...

D Clark

Updated 1 month ago

I need to what info is needed to become an auto transport BROKER - 35 Replies

What vehicle did you take for the skills portion of gaining your CDL? [QUOTE who="Todd in Flint, Michigan"]If anyone is interested my wife I...

ok jones

Updated 2 months ago

Need help becoming a Freight Broker - 526 Replies

Some do!


Updated 2 months ago

Fresh meat..How do I get started - 1 Reply

[QUOTE who="Racheal Rae"]Young stay at home mother would like to know what I have to do to get started in becoming a Broker. I have all the time and...


Updated 2 months ago

I AM Freight Forwarder and Freight Broker Get Cheapest rates here!!!! - 2 Replies

Cheap rates are one thing. Having a great TMS and support are another part of the puzzle. FreightRun has that and has just launched a agent program....


Updated 3 months ago

Any suggestions on what to pay a freight finder??? - 22 Replies

Do you mind tellinf Me whats the companies name?


Updated 3 months ago

Logistic agent training - 7 Replies

[QUOTE who="celiagutierrez in Miami, Florida"]Looking for a professional person with a background in sale preferably.No working experience necessary...


Updated 3 months ago

Can I start and build my shipper database with ONLY cold calling?? - 6 Replies

Broker starting in Duluth, Minnesota

Surety bonds??

Does anybody have any ideas how to get a surety bond? I'm interesting in applying but, I don't know where to start because their are so many...

johnwalfort2712 in Dublin, Ohio

Where to buy real and fake passports,drivers licenses,ID cards,birth certificates,diplomas,Visas,SSN,Marriage certificates

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Rodney in Gainesville, Georgia

Updated 4 months ago

Is this job offer fair or am I leaving money on the table. - 1 Reply

20 years outside business to business sales experience, no direct freight industry experience. Have offer of $40k base and 7% of spread on every...

Rodney in Gainesville, Georgia

Updated 4 months ago

Cold Calls - 67 Replies

I have 10+ years experience in transportation and have now gone to brokering. I am working as an agent and have secured 1 single, lonely customer so...


Updated 4 months ago

freight broker or agent - 1 Reply

I get all of these jobs notices for freight broker or agents, but as I read on I see must have experience. Should I go to school or what? This is...


Updated 6 months ago

Looking for Broker training - 1 Reply

I have been Truck driver and dispatcher for last 16 years. I am now looking to become freight broker in Houston area. Anyone offering training please...


Updated 6 months ago

How to become a freight agent without experience? - 1 Reply

Really looking forward to start a career as an independent agent.

Tina Arnoss in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 6 months ago

New Customers - 4 Replies

Hi everyone, I am the Operations Manager of a small Trucking Company. I have been charged with task of aquiring new customers for us to haul...

Tina Arnoss in Indianapolis, Indiana

Updated 6 months ago

Trying too find Shipper and Co-broker - 1 Reply

Trying too find Shipper and Co-broker do anyone have a book of them and would like too share them if so can you please email me at jkexpress745@yahoo....

aircraftbuilder in Killeen, Texas

starting a freight brokerage

So far, after reading and re-reading this whole page, I think starting a freight brokerage is about the worst idea ever , Am I worong?

Elana in Kansas City, Kansas

Updated 6 months ago

Freight Broker - 5 Replies

Hi. My fiancé is an owner/operator with his own authority. We well I'm looking for info or schools to get my brokers license. Can anyone shed some...

Kyle in Jacksonville, Florida

Updated 7 months ago

Shippers - 2 Replies

How do you find Shippers?

JohnInElPasoTx in El Paso

Updated 7 months ago

Dispatcher first, then freight broker? - 3 Replies

Hey everyone, I'm new here. I really want to get into the logistics business. I was told the best way to become a freight broker is to first become a...

JohnInElPasoTx in El Paso

Several Myths About Becoming a Freight Broker

Myth #1 - some individuals think they should work as an Agent to "learn the ropes" before getting their broker authority. Not necessarily so. TRUTH -...

Elana in Independence, Missouri

Updated 7 months ago

College Student Consider Becoming a Freight Broker Agent - 1 Reply

I'm thinking about working at home as a freight broker agent and I wish to know more about the qualifications and things I should be aware of. So far...

Elana in Independence, Missouri

Updated 7 months ago

Looking to get certified to book loads - 1 Reply

My husband is getting his own truck I want to learn and get certified to book his loads

Elana in Independence, Missouri

Updated 7 months ago

Looking for two good Home Based Agents - 19 Replies

Please see my profile for contact info. My boss is looking for a couple of established agents who would like to work from home. Ideally they would be...

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