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rigoberto in Texas

a quick question

I'm currently a teacher and work from 7:45 to 3:3o. My question is, is it posible to find loads after the 5 PM? I live in Texas, so I'm assuming the...

sam in Laredo, Texas

Updated 43 months ago

freight broker info/help - 1 Reply

Hello everyone, im looking for information on becoming a freight broker. I got home about 2 months ago from the Marine Corps and was medically...

Consolidated_Logistics in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 44 months ago

Freight Agent - 6 Replies

Hi, I am new in the freight agent business. I was a driver for 8 years. I am having problems getting customers. Can anyone give me advice on how to...

me in Saint Augustine, Florida

Updated 44 months ago

Freight Brokers - 1 Reply

Good Evening, I just wanted to say to you'll that I'm a freight broker for a large global company and you have me over here shaking my head. I owned...

Tim Nowicki in Buffalo, New York

Updated 44 months ago

I'm looking for a new opportunity - 12 Replies

I'm looking for a new opportunity in the business as an Agent.. I see different companies out there offering similar commission structures, but who...

carlos in Norwalk, California

become a transportation broker

the online course to become a broker really works? and what is the best can somebody help me with this?

The Highwaymen in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 47 months ago

Freight Brokering Network Group - 12 Replies

We have started a network for new brokers or those considering brokering. If you need info on how to find shippers, how to talk with customers, where...

Katie in Ottawa, Ontario

Updated 49 months ago


Please can someone help or tell me where to start I would love to start my own business as a broker my husband is a Truck Driver and we are planning...

ErinsonD in Boynton Beach, Florida

Updated 50 months ago

starting a car hauling business - 1 Reply

I am considering starting a car hauling business. I would like any advice anyone can give on start up and cost. I am curious the going rates, ect....

Synderella13 in Dearborn, Michigan

Freight/Logistics Agent - Hanson Limited, New York

Has anyone heard of Hanson Limited in New York? I've recenty received information from them regarding a position as a freight/logistics agent and I...

carrera1 in Washington

how to become a freight broker?

I would love to be a broker. But first I have some questions. If yall would email me at or give Me yours. And ill email...

Mark Tapper in San Francisco, California

What factoring rates have you seen from Factoring companies for Freight Brokers?

Hey, Quick question, just was wondering what rates you all have seen from factoring companies that factor invoices for freight brokers. Do you...

Shannon in Morehead, Kentucky

Starting as an agent or broker.

My father is a long haul truck driver. He keeps telling me that being a freight/load broker is the way to make money. He wants to start a little one...

Mark T. in San Francisco, California

Vetting Carriers

So, I was wondering what the best way to view a carriers reliability was. I can see that SAFERSYS gives you information on a carriers violations...

jam in Las Vegas, Nevada

Freight Broker School Recommendations

I'm looking for a freight broker training course that is legit. Can anyone recommend someone? Also why you would recommend them? Thanks in advance.

Maxine G in San Francisco, California

Sincere question: why are you brokers around?

Okay, before you get angry, I want to make it known that I'm not a driver and I'm not a broker and I'm not a shipper. Just someone studying...

Celia Gutierrez in Miami, Florida

Freight Agent Broker

I opened my freight broker company. I have the bond lined up and the funds for all my licensing. I feel like nobody gives direct pointers. Before I...

Sturdycon in Newark, Ohio

Updated 55 months ago

Freight Broker and Small Carrier Training Material - 1 Reply

I have several JJKeller Compliance Manuals on many different topics Great reference material for small carriers who wish to impress the DOT. I also...

Sandeeppj in Kathmandu, Nepal

Updated 55 months ago

Breaking into the Freight Agent Profession From a Financial Profession - 4 Replies

Hello everyone! After working in the financial services career and climbing the ladder to the top into a upper management position over my span of 18...

Rex in Hollywood, Florida

Updated 59 months ago

Brooke Training School - 1 Reply

Hello Readers, I recently started following posts under the Freight Broker forum and it seems as though the postings are simulated by Brooke...

edandnorann@*****.*** in Freeport, New York

Updated 59 months ago

Becoming a freight broker - 5 Replies

I am interested in becoming a freight broker. Myself like others can not afford to pay alot of money to become a freight broker right now. I am...

Surendra in Houston, Texas

Updated 60 months ago

New brokerage - 1 Reply

I just got hired on at a new brokerage and we are looking to get online like any advice?

jlansangan in Tustin, California

Updated 60 months ago

Tariff Quote Software? - 3 Replies

Aside from the load boards out there and simple spot quote requests, what is the best system for a broker to use to get and compare motor carriers'...

JW Anderson in Muskegon, Michigan

Updated 61 months ago

What is the highest percentage an agent can get - 4 Replies

I have seen people paying 60% anyone find anything higher? If you could let me know the company name. Or if you have any suggestions of a good...

jack in Franklin, New Hampshire

Turbo Transit

What ever happened to Turbo Transit in Kewanee, Illinois? Did they go out of business? When you google Turbo Transit, one of the links is to a debt...

Steven Sharpe in Lees Summit, Missouri

Updated 62 months ago

auto shipping broker - 1 Reply

Interested in starting an auto shipping broker business. Can I operate under my transport business authority and dot certification? Can this...

mkroemer in Casper, Wyoming

Updated 62 months ago

Where the freight is moving right now! - 2 Replies

Produce Guys Are You Up - Your Buyers Are! Ok I decide to start a topic for some of the newbies. I assume a lot of you are most likely running...

Freight Brokers in Kewanee, Illinois

Updated 62 months ago

Marketing and advertising - 1 Reply

I am an Executive Vice President and recently my focus has been shifted to business development. We've already had some success advertising through...

tatz in Abbotsford, British Columbia

How do you decide on a shipping rate?

How do you carriers & brokers decide on a shipping rate? What's the math behind the quote, is there a rate sheet you use?

Jay in Carlsbad, California

Updated 65 months ago

England Logistics, Inc. Freight Agent - 37 Replies

Hello Everybody I went to school approx 4 months ago to England's Brokerage School. I paid $2,500 for the class, passed with flying colors and...

Shawn in Peterborough, Ontario

Updated 65 months ago

how to become a Freight Broker in Canada,Ontario - 2 Replies

Hello i'm am looking to start a Brokerage business in Ontario not sure where to start. does anyone have advise.

rlj19 in Ohio

Updated 65 months ago

National bidding website for freight - 1 Reply

I hear there is a national website where shippers post what they need transported and then brokers and agents bid on these loads, does anybody know...

President, Freight Brokerage in Carlsbad, California

Updated 65 months ago

In the process of starting a brokerage soon, Is it required to have contingent cargo insurance? - 1 Reply

Is it necessary to have contingent cargo insurance when starting a new brokerage firm?

President, Freight Brokerage in Carlsbad, California

Updated 65 months ago

How do freight brokerages track carriers hauling their loads? - 1 Reply

I can see how carrier companies can track their drivers (from gps satellites installed on their units) but how are 3pl providers able to track their...

JL in Lexington, South Carolina

Co-Agent under an agent to gain experience

I am trying to gain entry into the freight agency business. I've spoken w/ many brokerages that will not accept "newbies" into their organizations....

djamsi in Lombard, Illinois

Question about car hauler business

i'm new in this business, i want ask did can i drive ford f350 with trailer (for two cars) less than 16.001 lbs (gross weight) with driver licence...

Jacob Reid in Buffalo, New York

Updated 66 months ago

An honest discussion about the $75k Bond and the fate of the small broker - 1 Reply

I have seen a lot of chatter on here and other places in regards to the changes coming and new $75k bond. I own a small brokerage, about $1,000,000...

Micheal F in ada, Oklahoma

Updated 67 months ago

becoming a freight broker agent - 1 Reply

I need some help on becoming a freight broker agent. I have always wanted to become one and just recently decided to delve deep into it. Can someone...

BostonMind in Bronx, New York

Job outlook and environment in Boston MA

I am planning to re-locate to Boston, MA, pretty much I have extensive experience in all fields, minus an associate degree. Going through a email and...

rt in Puyallup, Washington

Updated 69 months ago

Intermodal - 1 Reply

Hi I have started a freight broker company last year and a friend of mine owns a trucking company and halls intermodals and he would like me to be...

snrjones in Kent, Washington

becoming a freight broker/agent

I have been driving for 15 years and I am ready to move out of the truck.I have been looking into becoming a freight broker/agent but I'm not sure if...

Phil Aitcheson in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Updated 69 months ago

joining a broker as a new agent - 12 Replies

i am looking at a established broker co. that has a commision structure of 7% comm. on freight using there carriers and 50/50 using an approved by...

t0rk in Lynnwood, Washington

Cold Calling

How do you do it? What kind of script are you using? I haven't had any luck and it's a bit discouraging but I don't want to give up yet!


Updated 71 months ago

Broker Buddy Jump in Help me out - 28 Replies

Why do you all want to be broker agents ? Why not start out in freight sales ? Why not learn by dispatching ? Why freight and not Real Estate...

Rick in Round Rock, Texas

Certified DOT inspectors looking to become brokers/agents

I have 18+ years as a certified FMCSR inspector that recently retired from a State Police Agency. Are there any companies/brokers looking to train,...

Rick in Round Rock, Texas

Certified DOT inspectors looking to be a freight broker/agent

I have 18+ years as a certified FMCSR inspector that recently retired from a State Police Agency. Are there any companies/brokers looking to train,...

Terri Ulrich in Mcdonough, Georgia

Broker Agent School

Hey other truck drivers wanted to let you know about a school I went to at My teacher Maria was awesome and highly...


Moving DOD Freight

I have been offered a job as a freight agent moving Department of Defense freight. What can I expect working with the DOD. I am currently...

darkon in Jackson, Michigan

Updated 71 months ago

Freight agent - 182 Replies

I'm interested in becoming a agent. I don't have any experience. I really can't afford to pay for school at this time. Is there is someone who is...

Ross in Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for training from a broker that works from home

I have been online searching for months for training for a new broker but all of it says it's a scam or to get REAL training it has to be on-the-job....

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