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Al in New York, New York

Tech savvy freight broker

Just wondering how I might find an experienced freight broker who's not afraid of working with technology and likes challenges. A new company dealing...


I believe I have a unique insite and oppertunity to offer a freight broker as an onsite agent. any advice or direction??

Hi all. I am new to the freight world. My husband is not however. As a rigger we follow auction companies around and do our business. With the...

Cathryn in Warner Robins, Georgia

How to get an agent position without previous experience

I have been searching for an agent position. Unfortunately, I keep coming across only companies that want experience. I am a dedicated...

crazychik in Clarksville, Arkansas

Updated 52 months ago

Can I still do it??? - 3 Replies

Hi all, I started in the industry last Fall but had some setbacks. I took a freight training course for a week, and really had a good...

FBova in Tel Aviv, Israel

Updated 53 months ago

internet fax - 4 Replies

I am just starting as an agent, working from home. I am looking into using a internet fax service. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on...

twatkins in Houston, Texas

Updated 54 months ago

freight broker - 2 Replies

hi im trying to start a broker business at home can you help me out on advise

Richa in Rutherford, New Jersey

Updated 55 months ago

social work jobs in NYC that offer H1B sponsorship - 1 Reply

Hi! I am a licensed social worker (LMSW)for New York State. I so want to obtain a work opportunity to work in the US, but I need a H1B sponsorship. I...

Tony in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 55 months ago

government loads - 5 Replies

Does anyone know how to sign up to bid on government freight??

David 120 in Brandon, Mississippi

Updated 55 months ago

broker agent a good training service - 1 Reply

I am looking at A1 Freight Training for my agent training, and I was wondering if anyone else has used their service before. Also how does their...

Paul in Lake Elsinore, California

Updated 56 months ago

Cold Calls - 5 Replies

I have been reading through the forum and have a question for the veteran brokers. If cold calling is a thing of the do you generate new...

Paul in Lake Elsinore, California

Updated 56 months ago

Broker Authority/MC # - 1 Reply

Anyone know where or how to buy a used MC #??? Thanks for your help! = D

Paul in Lake Elsinore, California

Updated 56 months ago

Can Anyone Guide Me In the Right Direction?? - 2 Replies

I am a freight agent and have been for about 7 years now! The company that I was working for went out of business when the owner had passed away!...

marc in Flushing, New York

Updated 57 months ago

auto brokerage and freight brokerage - 1 Reply

can i operate a freight brokerage business under someone else's auto transport licence and surety bond? Does the bond and licenese for the auto...

JEAN-MARIE in Brampton, Ontario

Updated 58 months ago

Represent great company that can ship loads cross country fast--tips? - 2 Replies

Hey guys, I'm a sales representative for a company with locations throughout the US, including LA and well I'm looking to expand our customer...

ti jean in Montreal, Quebec

Updated 58 months ago

Canadian Opportunities - 8 Replies

Hi, I live in Southwestern Ontario, just west of Toronto. I've got a bit of experience in transportation in different aspects and am trying to get...

JIBBS8 in MACON, Georgia

Updated 59 months ago

To many loads - please help! - 1 Reply

Ha! got you to look didn't I. I asked the question below a couple days ago. But, it seem you guys are only interested in broker/agent gab. Try...

JIBBS8 in MACON, Georgia

Updated 59 months ago

broker /agents - 2 Replies

looking for broker agents that want to go to the top must have falowing


Updated 60 months ago

Social Networking for Brokering Freight - 1 Reply

Just wanted to see how many people here using social networking sites for business? What are your favorites and has it been successful in your...

Pete in Rushville, New York

Updated 60 months ago

Finding company to work for - 1 Reply

I was working under a family member last year as a broker, but I was using the family members information. Well, I stopped because I was making lots...

niacin in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 60 months ago

how much does pc miler cost? worth it? - 1 Reply

Just wondering how much PC Miler costs? Also, do you feel it's worth it?

drivewithbhw in Gainesville, Florida

Updated 60 months ago

Finding Quality Carriers...and driver Broker Agents - 2 Replies

We are a small Florida-based motor carrier with broker authority. We have been fairly successful in finding freight - primarily produce and plants,...

Dennis Brown in Lancaster, New York

Updated 60 months ago

LOOKING TO SWITCH JOBS - 4yrs agent experience - who pays the best??? - 4 Replies

Hi, I've been an agent for 4yrs and make 5.5% of the linehaul dollar. Does anyone know who will put on agents at a better rate of pay?? Thanks.

Sharon in Sarasota, Florida

Updated 61 months ago

in need of a mentor or guidance to become a broker/agent? - 10 Replies

is is possible to be a freight broker/agent after hours and on the weekends? i am looking for someone to connect with to start working and learn the...

Bob in Reno, Nevada

Updated 61 months ago

What We Look For When Training Freight Agents & Brokers - 2 Replies

We often would like to see if a person considering our Freight Agent/Broker Training can be professional & prompt. It would surprise many of you,...

ctegland in Walla Walla, Washington

Updated 63 months ago

Auto- Carriers - 3 Replies

I'm looking for a carrier that can move a 1999 Chevrolet Cavalier from Alexandria, Va to Shreveport, LA. If you can help me out, please e-mail me ...

B McLoon in Detroit, Michigan

Updated 63 months ago

What are your thoughts about this? - 3 Replies

After coming across, I am seriously thinking about quitting my job as dispatcher for a local trucking company after a year and a half,...

ksaddler in Federal Way, Washington

Training Freight Brokers

I am in search of comanies that are willing to hire individuals who want to become a freight broker. Does anyone know of companies out there that...

Jason Yuan in Los Angeles, California

Updated 64 months ago

freight out of Texas - 2 Replies

I read in a broker training book to avoid loads out of Texas. Texas imports more then it exports. Texas should be for back load only. Is this...

Tommy in Concord, North Carolina

Updated 64 months ago

Got a brokerage an a trucking company - 1 Reply

I was wandering how should I rate my freight as a broker an I got acouple of customers right now wandering if anyone has any suggestions on new...

ana in New Brunswick, New Jersey

freight broker training problem

Hi I am going to pay 500 for finiancing to an anline course the thing is they say it's 200 extra if I finance I told them what that was for and if...

ana in New Brunswick, New Jersey

Freight Broker Training (Wendy’s take on courses & manuals)

Not all Freight broker Training offered is equal. Being a Freight Broker or Agent requires more than most training can offer. You may need several...

jack in Winchester, Massachusetts

Updated 68 months ago

New Agent Commission - 5 Replies

What is reasonable for a new agent with no experience to expect as a commission? I've heard 6-7% of the gross rate is fair. Thanks, Lou

Jon in Virginia in Virginia

What's the best way to find brokers without posting on job sites - experienced or just out of training?

Business demands that we bring on another broker or two, but don't want to post on the internet job sites and sift through the endless resumes from...

Jason Yuan in Los Angeles, California

Survey:Top 5 Reasons for Choosing a Brokerage

For the active Agents in the industry, what are your top five reasons for choosing a Brokerage to partner up with? Thanks for participating.

Jason Yuan in Los Angeles, California

Survey:Top 5 Reasons for Choosing a Brokerage

For the active Agents in the industry, what are your top five reasons for choosing a Brokerage to partner up with? Thanks for participating.

carsonallen in White City, Oregon

Updated 70 months ago

anyone heard of this brokerage? - 1 Reply

International Commodity Carriers Incorporated I.C.C.I. in Medford Oregon. If so, what can you tell me about them?

Paula in Memphis, Tennessee

Updated 70 months ago

employer won't pay comission until they get paid by the customer - 15 Replies

I'm a freight broker working for an established 3pl that has been in business for over 10 years. Our company has been doing better than ever almost...

Jason Yuan in Los Angeles, California

Updated 70 months ago

Scam Broker - Load 4 U LLC - 4 Replies

Load 4 U is a rippoff freight brokerage. They will not pay you. I was paid 4 days late last week. They said they were broke. This week, they said...

Rich77 in Norman, Oklahoma

Updated 70 months ago

HELP with some advice - 6 Replies

hey everyone here, i am trying to start a car hauler business ,and also i am interested to get into brokerage business as well so ,i intend to...

Bob in Lexington, Massachusetts

Updated 71 months ago

Online Freight Agency | Service - 2 Replies

I am relatively new to this industry so any guidance would be helpful. I have seen companies like Global Trans Inc ( and Click...

Aaron in Fishers, Indiana

Updated 71 months ago

freight agent - 4 Replies

im starting out this week as a frieght agent any pointers would be nice on how to start up a good conversation to get customers to cold calling thanks

Jason Yuan in Los Angeles, California

Updated 72 months ago

Dealing With Freight Brokers: Your Right To Know - 6 Replies

Dealing with Freight Brokers: Your Right to Know By James P. Lamb, USDOT/FMC Practitioner President,, Inc. They're called...

houstonsgal in Federalsburg, Maryland

Updated 73 months ago

What do I need ??? Is this going to work ?? - 4 Replies

Ok, say I find a load on a Load board with a negotiable rate, what do I do first?? Call the customer to get full details about the load and then...

Daylin in Orlando, Florida

Any advice?

I've read through a lot of the comments posted on this page, but not too many have been helpful. I am looking to start out in the business, and could...

Kerry in Tacoma, Washington

Lane quotes

Do anybody no how to get lane quotes in a timely fashion like a website or something please email me . Any suggestions

Houstonsgal in Grasonville, Maryland

Updated 73 months ago

Help - Becoming a part time broker/agent - 2 Replies

Question... Is it possible to make a decent supplemental income as a part time broker/agent working mainly nights and weekends? What kind of...

Nathan in Tallahassee, Florida

lookin for a little guidance

Are there anybody out there I could contact to get more information about being a broker. I just would like to know the ends and outs, otherwords the...

Nathan in Tallahassee, Florida

How does the money look for a broker during these times

I was looking to find out is it still okay to start-up as broker. I don't know much about, but I want to do this as my part time job.

Kelly in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Updated 73 months ago

new freight agents - 6 Replies

what would be great suggestions to new, inexperienced freight agents in transportation business?

Hune Kasprov in Bhubaneswar, India

Why Does A Seller Pay Commission?

Hi friends Selling a business is a highly complex process that requires extreme prudence and thorough screening of potential buyers. So why Does...

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