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emmit in Bakersfield, California

Is getting in Good or Bad right now?

I've been in the process of trying to get my brokerage back up and running. I think I still want to take a class with David Dwinell of load training,...

loveest in Durham, North Carolina

what s reality?

im starting out as a freight agent does anyone have advice?is it easy to get jobs as a freight agent? what type of businesses can freight agents...

CoverLoads in Wyoming, Illinois

Updated 58 months ago

CSA 2010 - 2 Replies

How is the CSA 2010 going to affect freight brokers working with carriers?

Dave in Fort Erie, Ontario

Updated 58 months ago

How do I get ICC Motor Carrier Authority? - 2 Replies

How do I get ICC Motor Carrier Authority?

- Indeed Host in Austin, Texas

Updated 59 months ago

getting a brokers job? - 1 Reply

ok for the last 5 years i have been a truck driver but now being a single dad i can no longer drive truck so i am looking at being a broker. where...

Danalynn25 in Ozark, Missouri

training a new guy

Who out there whants to train a guy with lots of drive to make it in the game just dont know how to get started there has to be someone out there...

Nanna Brenda in Auburn, Indiana

Updated 59 months ago

Interested in Becoming a Frieght Agent - 4 Replies

I am recovering from a spinal cord injury that has left my life changed permentantly. At first I became depressed, but have decided that life is only...

Chris in Sanford, Florida

Updated 59 months ago

training - 2 Replies

Is there someone out there willing to train a me to be a freight agent? i drove for 15 years and now i am disabled. i want to work from home and stay...

damek in Windsor, Ontario

where should i start?

I was thinking of becoming a freight agent and want to know if it is neccessary for me to go to school. I am trying to avoid that.

Brian in Toulon, Illinois

Updated 60 months ago

should an inexpierenced agent start with a large brokerage in dispatch - 2 Replies

I have the possible opportunity to work in dispatch at a large local brokerage. I think after six months they give you the opportunity to be an...

michael in Los Angeles, California

where we can fund a good freight agent broker train school with licence in Los Angeles area ?

i want to be a dispatcher .just don't know where the training school.

1MTX LLC in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 60 months ago

Factoring??? - 2 Replies

I am new to the freight agent sweep. I am currently looking at a few companies that will train new agents. In my search I keep hearing the term...

dukdog12 in Poteau, Oklahoma



1MTX LLC in Saint Louis, Missouri

Updated 61 months ago

Start-up - 6 Replies

Can anyone give their opinion on MINIMUM capitol required to float a small (under $20,000 gross sales per month) start-up brokerage?

tdwatson46 in Fairgrove, Missouri

Updated 61 months ago

Market Rates. Carriers alway want more $ - 1 Reply

Yes, this is new to me but I am wondering if it is NORMAL for Carriers to come back with a rate that is anywhere from 20% to 40% higher than the...

Felix Cruz in Springfield, Massachusetts

Freight Broker

I am in the process of writting a business propossal and I am searching for some information. I will like someone to explain me the process of...

Brady in Shreveport, Louisiana

Obtaining More Customers

Hey everyone, This is my first post. My name is Brady and I have been in the freight brokering business for nearly ten years now. I work for a...

Kathy in Frisco, Texas

Updated 62 months ago

Freight Broker Help - 6 Replies

I've just started out in this business just a month ago, and was wondering if I could get some help or some pointers. I've been doing cold calling to...

Kelly in Oak Lawn, Illinois

Is this offer fair?

I have been offered a commission only agent position. How does this commission compare to industry standards? The commission rate shall be TWENTY...

CharlesPman in Yuma, Arizona

Updated 63 months ago


I want information on how to start my own freight brokerage business and also how to become an agent.

Brendon in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 63 months ago

experienced freigt agents needed/Charlotte, NC - 1 Reply

We are looking to hire an experienced freight agents. please email us

Econo in Villanova, Pennsylvania

What do I need to start as a broker?

Please help me step by step requirements, tips, insights. Thanks, Robert

was wasa in Hemet, California

Updated 63 months ago

Looking for a broker to get me loads to ship motorcycles, atvs, and some cars. - 2 Replies

I am in the process of buying a diesel van and will be pulling a 24ft enclosed trailer. I will be set up as owner operater with my own MC number and...

as09 in Indpls, Indiana

Updated 64 months ago

HELP - 1 Reply

I want to start hauling cars with my dually here locally and within a 200 miles radius of Tallahassee<fl could any body point me in the right...

jeffrey Powell in Litchfield Park, Arizona

Updated 64 months ago

I want to become a freight agent. - 1 Reply

I work at a Public truck weigh station and I've had the desire to become a freight agent for the past couple of years now. I have alots of local...

Carl in Decatur, Illinois

Updated 65 months ago

Which do brokers prefer - a contract carrier or a common carrier - 1 Reply

Do y'all, as freight brokers, prefer a contract carrier or a common carrier? We have acquired our contract authority with 1,000,000 BIPI and 100,000...

Lynn in Dallas, Texas

Updated 65 months ago


I would like to become a Broker/Agent. I have some knowledge of the industry, I worked briefly as an agent for a Brokerage Firm, but we have split...

Mr Broker in Chicago, Illinois

Freight In This Economy

Yellow Freight is near bankruptcy. Jevic Transportation went out of Business. Greatwide filed for bankruptcy. Others went out. 10,000 trucks were...

GameDay in Omaha, Nebraska

Need help getting started please

(Please note that I just found this site and will more than likely use a more formal "handle" once established). Hello, I'm just getting started...

todd lueddecke in Appleton, Wisconsin

want to bacome a at home freight broker

        I have been driving truck for 5 years now. Want to become a freight broker. Ive heard many good things about, ofcourse from other brokers I...

deuce50 in Oakland, California

Updated 66 months ago

I want to become an agent, and have one driver with his own truck. - 1 Reply

How can I start this? I am looking for a new field (real estate is dead). I see that a lot of companies are looking for agents, but want agents that...

Brandi Davis in Warren, Ohio

Freight Brokers in Ohio

Is insurance needed for freight brokers in Ohio? If it is , how much does it usually run, on the low to high side?

Teddy in Whippany, New Jersey

Updated 67 months ago

How Do I get a USDOT Number? - 1 Reply

How Do I get a USDOT Number?

Heather78 in Cudahy, Wisconsin

Auto Agent with a chance to expand has Questions

I'm currently an agent that deals in autos. I have a wonderful opportunity to expand my horizons to ALL types of freight. I'm just not sure the best...

Keston.Opportunity in Baltimore, Maryland

Cold Calling and generating business ideas

Hey Brokers out there: I want to get your feedback and share some ideas on how you generate leads and new business in this industry. I would any...

Phoenix User in Phoenix, Arizona

Freight Agent Broker - Need Assistance In Becoming One

Hello All, I am completely new to this, and I would like some assistance in becoming a Freight Agent Broker in Phoenix, AZ. I would like to get...

Mark Agusta in Plano, Texas

Things to know before starting a freight brokerage...

If you're considering starting a freight brokerage going to freight brokering school is not a good start. Getting an authority is the easiest part of...

AnnaMaria Andriotis in New York, New York

whose unemployment benefits expired or are about to expire?

I’m a reporter at, and I'm looking to interview laid-off individuals whose unemployment benefits have expired. I’d like to find out...

Brian570 in Hamilton, Ohio

Updated 68 months ago

Looking to get into the Frieght Broker business. Need Advice! - 3 Replies

I'm looking to change careers from an environmental consultant to frieght brokering with a emphasis on brokering waste. I have ten years in the...

loadergirl in Port Clinton, Ohio

Good Carrier Companies that are still moving and hiring ???

Need help. Need to find a company to keep our truck rolling. Anybody dealing with carriers that need a GOOD,RELIABLE,SAFE driver. Anybody know what...

Dethomas04 in Tallahassee, Florida

Updated 68 months ago

goetting into the biz - 4 Replies

this is 4, or anyone else that can help... I am getting ready to go into the car hauling biz, and am looking for some pointers...

Sales Agent in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Truckload Market

I would like to hear how the Independent Agents are doing working from home/office in todays economy. I worked from home for 9 years before going to...

Factor in Hallandale, Florida

Freight Bill factoring

I am looking for small operators that could us factoring of invoices of less than $10000

Sean in Northridge, California

Updated 69 months ago

Need Drivers - 3 Replies

I have a flatbed load from Elberton, GA to Astoria, New York. I am kind of new to brokering and I see that it is hard to get a flatbed to go to New...

Brian in Dothan, Alabama

Updated 69 months ago

We are looking for experienced Freight Broker/Agent's with a Customer Following - 1 Reply

We pay 40% of Margin. We pay weekly. If interested please email me at Our web-site is

Doug Schreck in Canton, Ohio

Experienced Agents Wanted

No bull-Straight forward program offering signing bonus for the right person. Looking for experienced agents that can produce and want to grow in a...

Freight in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Freight Broker Training

Hello, I am currently looking into the freight brokering business. Can any of you provide me with some simple, cheap, realistic information. I read...

stan in Trenton, New Jersey

any info

i wanted to tell everyone that the input im getting from you guys are great being that i'm a new comer and if you have anything you can tell me i...

Lance McDaniel in Rochester Hills, Michigan

Michigan rates ...

Has anyone moved freight out of Detroit recently, anywhere with anything? If so what was your average rate?

JPS in Jackson, Tennessee

Websites for agents and brokerages

We have recently decided to sell our existing base of transportation websites. They are targeted industry domains with websites. Included with the...

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