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jlansangan in Tustin, California

Updated 17 months ago

Tariff Quote Software? - 3 Replies

Aside from the load boards out there and simple spot quote requests, what is the best system for a broker to use to get and compare motor carriers'...

JW Anderson in Muskegon, Michigan

Updated 18 months ago

What is the highest percentage an agent can get - 4 Replies

I have seen people paying 60% anyone find anything higher? If you could let me know the company name. Or if you have any suggestions of a good...

jack in Franklin, New Hampshire

Turbo Transit

What ever happened to Turbo Transit in Kewanee, Illinois? Did they go out of business? When you google Turbo Transit, one of the links is to a debt...

Steven Sharpe in Lees Summit, Missouri

Updated 18 months ago

auto shipping broker - 1 Reply

Interested in starting an auto shipping broker business. Can I operate under my transport business authority and dot certification? Can this...

mkroemer in Casper, Wyoming

Updated 18 months ago

Where the freight is moving right now! - 2 Replies

Produce Guys Are You Up - Your Buyers Are! Ok I decide to start a topic for some of the newbies. I assume a lot of you are most likely running...

Freight Brokers in Kewanee, Illinois

Updated 18 months ago

Marketing and advertising - 1 Reply

I am an Executive Vice President and recently my focus has been shifted to business development. We've already had some success advertising through...

tatz in Abbotsford, British Columbia

How do you decide on a shipping rate?

How do you carriers & brokers decide on a shipping rate? What's the math behind the quote, is there a rate sheet you use?

Jay in Carlsbad, California

Updated 22 months ago

England Logistics, Inc. Freight Agent - 37 Replies

Hello Everybody I went to school approx 4 months ago to England's Brokerage School. I paid $2,500 for the class, passed with flying colors and...

Shawn in Peterborough, Ontario

Updated 22 months ago

how to become a Freight Broker in Canada,Ontario - 3 Replies

Hello i'm am looking to start a Brokerage business in Ontario not sure where to start. does anyone have advise.

rlj19 in Ohio

Updated 22 months ago

National bidding website for freight - 1 Reply

I hear there is a national website where shippers post what they need transported and then brokers and agents bid on these loads, does anybody know...

President, Freight Brokerage in Carlsbad, California

Updated 22 months ago

In the process of starting a brokerage soon, Is it required to have contingent cargo insurance? - 1 Reply

Is it necessary to have contingent cargo insurance when starting a new brokerage firm?

President, Freight Brokerage in Carlsbad, California

Updated 22 months ago

How do freight brokerages track carriers hauling their loads? - 1 Reply

I can see how carrier companies can track their drivers (from gps satellites installed on their units) but how are 3pl providers able to track their...

JL in Lexington, South Carolina

Co-Agent under an agent to gain experience

I am trying to gain entry into the freight agency business. I've spoken w/ many brokerages that will not accept "newbies" into their organizations....

djamsi in Lombard, Illinois

Question about car hauler business

i'm new in this business, i want ask did can i drive ford f350 with trailer (for two cars) less than 16.001 lbs (gross weight) with driver licence...

Jacob Reid in Buffalo, New York

Updated 23 months ago

An honest discussion about the $75k Bond and the fate of the small broker - 1 Reply

I have seen a lot of chatter on here and other places in regards to the changes coming and new $75k bond. I own a small brokerage, about $1,000,000...

Micheal F in ada, Oklahoma

Updated 24 months ago

becoming a freight broker agent - 1 Reply

I need some help on becoming a freight broker agent. I have always wanted to become one and just recently decided to delve deep into it. Can someone...

BostonMind in Bronx, New York

Job outlook and environment in Boston MA

I am planning to re-locate to Boston, MA, pretty much I have extensive experience in all fields, minus an associate degree. Going through a email and...

rt in Puyallup, Washington

Updated 25 months ago

Intermodal - 1 Reply

Hi I have started a freight broker company last year and a friend of mine owns a trucking company and halls intermodals and he would like me to be...

snrjones in Kent, Washington

becoming a freight broker/agent

I have been driving for 15 years and I am ready to move out of the truck.I have been looking into becoming a freight broker/agent but I'm not sure if...

Phil Aitcheson in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Updated 26 months ago

joining a broker as a new agent - 12 Replies

i am looking at a established broker co. that has a commision structure of 7% comm. on freight using there carriers and 50/50 using an approved by...

Tina in Framingham, Massachusetts

Updated 26 months ago

Broker or Agent Needed For Savannah Georgia Area - 1 Reply

We're looking to open an office in the Savannah area and are looking for an Agent or Broker in or around the area. You can contact us by visiting...

t0rk in Lynnwood, Washington

Cold Calling

How do you do it? What kind of script are you using? I haven't had any luck and it's a bit discouraging but I don't want to give up yet!


Updated 27 months ago

Broker Buddy Jump in Help me out - 28 Replies

Why do you all want to be broker agents ? Why not start out in freight sales ? Why not learn by dispatching ? Why freight and not Real Estate...

Geary in Chester, Pennsylvania

Updated 27 months ago

Tips for a Wannabe Freight Broker - 4 Replies

Ok, here is my deal. I am a college educated individual who has worked in business and client relations. I want to start a freight brokerage. My...

Rick in Round Rock, Texas

Certified DOT inspectors looking to become brokers/agents

I have 18+ years as a certified FMCSR inspector that recently retired from a State Police Agency. Are there any companies/brokers looking to train,...

Rick in Round Rock, Texas

Certified DOT inspectors looking to be a freight broker/agent

I have 18+ years as a certified FMCSR inspector that recently retired from a State Police Agency. Are there any companies/brokers looking to train,...

Terri Ulrich in Mcdonough, Georgia

Broker Agent School

Hey other truck drivers wanted to let you know about a school I went to at My teacher Maria was awesome and highly...


Moving DOD Freight

I have been offered a job as a freight agent moving Department of Defense freight. What can I expect working with the DOD. I am currently...

darkon in Jackson, Michigan

Updated 28 months ago

Freight agent - 182 Replies

I'm interested in becoming a agent. I don't have any experience. I really can't afford to pay for school at this time. Is there is someone who is...

Ross in Atlanta, Georgia

Looking for training from a broker that works from home

I have been online searching for months for training for a new broker but all of it says it's a scam or to get REAL training it has to be on-the-job....

knowsteel in Charlotte, North Carolina

Updated 28 months ago

Advice on getting started in heavy hauling - 11 Replies

I have experience in brokering dry and refrigerated freight. I we want to move in to heavy hauling. What prior knowledge would I need to approach a...

Jung lee in Lynnwood, Washington

Updated 28 months ago

Work hard and Suceed with us - 6 Replies

I am looking for a few key individuals to work hard gaining the skills and contacts to be sucessful freight broker agents. Currently we are in nedd...

Al in New York, New York

Tech savvy freight broker

Just wondering how I might find an experienced freight broker who's not afraid of working with technology and likes challenges. A new company dealing...


I believe I have a unique insite and oppertunity to offer a freight broker as an onsite agent. any advice or direction??

Hi all. I am new to the freight world. My husband is not however. As a rigger we follow auction companies around and do our business. With the...

DJ in Matamoras, Pennsylvania

Updated 30 months ago

anyone have exp. with turbo transportation group - 23 Replies

Just wanted to know before paying 994 they say they are federally approved. Please write back. Thanks

Cathryn in Warner Robins, Georgia

How to get an agent position without previous experience

I have been searching for an agent position. Unfortunately, I keep coming across only companies that want experience. I am a dedicated...

Tracie in Carrollton, Georgia

Updated 31 months ago

Agent or Owner? - 4 Replies

Greetings Indeed Community! I've seen the question passed around quite a bit and it usually goes something like this: "Should I sign on with an...

crazychik in Clarksville, Arkansas

Updated 31 months ago

Can I still do it??? - 3 Replies

Hi all, I started in the industry last Fall but had some setbacks. I took a freight training course for a week, and really had a good...

Bill Pfeiffer in Tennessee Colony, Texas

Experienced Freight Broker with large diverse customer base seeks a new home

Anybody have any ideas who the best asset-based brokerages are? I know who they are, just have not researched who are the best to work...


Updated 31 months ago

Has anyone used Trucking Planet's Shipper Database? - 6 Replies

i think we can find out more about these things by studying the structures and the control systems for the most grow -up shipping companies coz they...

FBova in Tel Aviv, Israel

Updated 32 months ago

internet fax - 4 Replies

I am just starting as an agent, working from home. I am looking into using a internet fax service. Does anyone have any suggestions or comments on...

twatkins in Houston, Texas

Updated 33 months ago

freight broker - 2 Replies

hi im trying to start a broker business at home can you help me out on advise

Richa in Rutherford, New Jersey

Updated 33 months ago

social work jobs in NYC that offer H1B sponsorship - 1 Reply

Hi! I am a licensed social worker (LMSW)for New York State. I so want to obtain a work opportunity to work in the US, but I need a H1B sponsorship. I...

Tony in Kansas City, Missouri

Updated 33 months ago

government loads - 6 Replies

Does anyone know how to sign up to bid on government freight??

David 120 in Brandon, Mississippi

Updated 33 months ago

broker agent a good training service - 1 Reply

I am looking at A1 Freight Training for my agent training, and I was wondering if anyone else has used their service before. Also how does their...


Updated 34 months ago

Can I start and build my shipper database with ONLY cold calling?? - 4 Replies

Hi! My name is Jessica and I am very interested in frieght brokering. The more I am reading and learning, the more it sounds like advertising- formal...

Paul in Lake Elsinore, California

Updated 35 months ago

Cold Calls - 5 Replies

I have been reading through the forum and have a question for the veteran brokers. If cold calling is a thing of the do you generate new...

Paul in Lake Elsinore, California

Updated 35 months ago

Broker Authority/MC # - 1 Reply

Anyone know where or how to buy a used MC #??? Thanks for your help! = D

Paul in Lake Elsinore, California

Updated 35 months ago

Can Anyone Guide Me In the Right Direction?? - 2 Replies

I am a freight agent and have been for about 7 years now! The company that I was working for went out of business when the owner had passed away!...

marc in Flushing, New York

Updated 36 months ago

auto brokerage and freight brokerage - 1 Reply

can i operate a freight brokerage business under someone else's auto transport licence and surety bond? Does the bond and licenese for the auto...

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