Building a car hauler business

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Lawrence Stepney in Chicago, Illinois

4 months ago

Lawrence Stepney in Chicago, Illinois said: I am in the process of starting a car hauling business based out of Chicago, IL. Would you be interested in somone in this area ?

Norcal28 could you contact me with your information so that i can bounce some ideas off of you. I would also like to give you a time table on my progress of getting my business up & going. is my email please contact me at your earliest convenience please, thank you!

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Siwal in Bronx, New York

3 months ago

Hello there, I'm thinking about getting into the car hauling business. I want to start with the 3 car hauler . Haven't gotten anything yet but I heat that the F 350 dually truck is good. Anybody there who can help ? Please.

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Brandy Bowling in Moneta, Virginia

3 months ago

What insurance did you get a quote from at that price. Husband and I are fixin to start up a car hauling business. We do know we have to have insurance but we cant get anybody to respond back. Hope to hear from ya

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D Bradley in Pittsford, New York

2 months ago

So I'm out of upstate Ny and looking to start a 3car hauler with a 1 ton cummins what's my ups and downs ?

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Stan in Bensalem, Pennsylvania

1 month ago

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ATW in Grove City, Ohio

10 days ago

I would be interested in finding a partner or mentor. Anyone? Must be local to Columbus, Ohio.

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SemperFiServices in Rancho Santa Margarita, California

10 days ago

Everyone wants to haul cars, but do you guys all understand what it takes to run a LEGAL business? Lets say for the average 3 car wedge operation, FIRST, you need a CDL if you plan on running over 26,000 LBS gross. If you don't know what that means look it up or find a different line of work. Your standard 2010 and up 1 ton pickup, which is the absolute minimum to pull 3 cars, has a GVWR of 12k, the trailer is usually 14-21k depending on your axles. So if you're too lazy to get a CDL, make sure you NEVER weigh more than 26k, you will pay dearly for being over w/o a CDL. INSURANCE- at least $440 a month, IF you have a CDL. I don't even know who would insure you w/o a CDL. IFTA, DOT, and MC numbers, registration depending on how far you plan on operation. If you're in SoCal, you can stay in CA and make money. If you live in Maine, you're probably gonna need to branch out into other states. DO you have a nice $10k stash set aside for break downs etc? It happens- I just dumped $12k for new tires, tranny, and trailer brakes into my rig this PAST MONTH. Ouch, but I run a safe truck, if you're not willing to spend the money to run SAFE, stay off the road. Any questions lemme know.

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