Need Freelance Artist for Runescape Fansite

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S_Smell in louisville, Kentucky

77 months ago

I am looking for an artist to provide me and a team of players with some banners, logo's, and a Mascot with a good representation of what we are trying to achieve. If you are familiar with Runescape, the MMORPG, then you know the type of style we are looking for. We are doing this as a hobby, so their won't be any payment, however, you will get full credit for your work, and we will provide a gallery page for you to show off other work and ways to contact you for other jobs. We expect the site to grow rapidly, and the only thing we lack is a true artist who is willing to give a look, a brand. Contact me at or visit the site at and register on the forums. I hope to see someone reply soon, as we hope to move this project rapidly. It will not require much work from the artist. Just a few banners and logos. Shouldn't take more than a day or two to make and you will get alot of attention for it!

cj in Nottingham, United Kingdom

69 months ago

Sent you an invitation sir

Jet Kai in Nottingham, United Kingdom

37 months ago

come check out my server, im the owner of spawnscape 614, add my skype and add me on the forum and i will help you.

I will even give you free admin spot on my server, i might convert my server to a 704 soon as 614 are getting un stable.

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