guidance counselor outlook in nyc

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62 months ago

i am currently a teacher at a private school in maryland. since its private i do not have teaching certification and because i dont want to teach forever i do not plan to get one. i was recently accepted to NYU's school counseling program and have sent in my acceptance. its gonna cost me crazy in loans somewhere around $100,000! i try not worry because things have a way of working themselves out but after reading some of the other post im getting nervous. after graduating NYU in 2 years will i be able to find a job? im going to have crazy loans to payback. is that pretigious name going to help at all cuz it carries a huge cost?!? *pardon my punctuation and spelling im on my cell and being lazy*

NYU alum in Bronx, New York

61 months ago

Not worth the expense. I'm still paying back loans a decade later. I have friends who did less "brand name" schools for 1/10 of the cost. It's who you know not where you went to school that gets you a job.

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