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Updated 49 months ago

Are address and little black phone books obsolete? - 5 Replies

I'm a hairstylist that's been practicing for 19 years and I'm so use to keeping my clients' numbers in a phone book but with technology moving as...

ayano2nanno in Tacoma, Washington

CAREER INTERVIEW?! I need to interview a hairstylist for school! Help, please?! (CAN BE DONE BY E-MAIL)

Hey guys! I'm a 10th grade student in high school right now, and I need to interview an adult about a particular career or career pathway that I...

suesreo@*****.*** in Downey, California

Updated 49 months ago

Recruiting a hair stylist for salon - 5 Replies

I am looking for ideas on how to recruit a professional hair stylist for my salon. I have tried advertising in the local paper without luck. Thank...

Coach2Accomplish in Roswell, Georgia

Updated 51 months ago

Cosmetology Schools in Charlotte, NC area? - 1 Reply

Hey Everyone, I've just found this forum while searching for Charlotte, NC area Cosmetology Schools. I'm 38 yrs old and have been a SAHM for 3 yrs....

dreamer in Akron, Ohio

how to pay for cosmetolgy school (cosmetology scholarship)

I want to go to cosmetology school. but it so expensive! here in ohio regency and national cost 16,000 dollars! and another school cost 9000 but i...

Stephanie Solomon in Queen Creek, Arizona

Is cosmetology school worth it?

I'm going to college and would have about 2 more years for a bachelors. I've always wanted to go to cosmetology school but went to college to please...

Sara in Calabasas, California

Updated 51 months ago

Head Lice? - 7 Replies

I've been looking into a strong solution for head lice. Needless to say, these little buggers are an unnaceptable problem and I want to confront them...

Danielle Potts in Marion, Ohio

Updated 51 months ago

Hi, Im 15 and i want to become a hair styles dose it make enough money - 3 Replies

I like doing hair I know I'm destine to do it but dose it pay i dont want to struggle in the futuer trying to follow my dream.

pinkfusion in California

California Beauty Colleges Pass/Fail Rate for State Board Exams

I thought this would be interesting for those in California that are looking for a beauty school. The primary reason to go to beauty school is to...

pinkfusion in California

Updated 51 months ago

I want to go to cosmetology school... - 1 Reply

To make a long story short, I have went to 3 different schools for nursing and have dropped out every single time, in the mist of it all i have a had...

pinkfusion in California

Updated 51 months ago

Relocating Student... Texas to Colorado... Should I get certified before or after I move? - 1 Reply

I am a current Cosmetology student in Texas. Once I have finished school my Fiancee has to relocate to Colorado for his job. My question is on how I...

pinkfusion in California

Updated 51 months ago

The Truths of Cosmetology - 2 Replies

I am a 29 year old single woman in Ohio who has been considering Cosmetology school for almost a year now. At first I was against and skeptical...

Overwhelmed2011 in Oregon City, Oregon

Hair Stylist Career Outlook? PLEASE advise

Hi all, I am considering going into hair in the Portland OR area. Can anyone please tell me if there are jobs to be had??? ANY info would be...

Overwhelmed2011 in Oregon City, Oregon

Hair Design Portland Oregon Career Outlook?

Hello and thank you for reading. Long story short, due to the economy I was laid off (have a B.S. in Business/Marketing), but am now considering...

Bangstyle in Los Angeles, California

Updated 52 months ago

New social network for salons, stylists and clients! - 1 Reply

Get your portfolio out there! Be one of the first to join our database! Please take a few minutes to create a profile-...

wannabestylist in Oak Lawn, Illinois

36 and wondering.....

So I come from a looong line of hairstylists. (I am typing fast so please excuse my typos) My mom and dad came from Italy and are both stylist with...

sissi in Toronto, Ontario

Updated 53 months ago

State Board Exam - 1 Reply

I'm really stressed out. I graduated from cosmetology school in 2002. Started working in the salon right after new took my state exam and now I'm...

KM in Newnan, Georgia


I will be graduating from beauty school in Sept 2011. I live in Georgia and I was wondering has anyone from ga has taken the state board. If so, What...

stylist525@*****.*** in Chicago, Illinois

Updated 53 months ago

Trying to get into the hair industry,,,, - 1 Reply

Recently graduated from cosmo school waiting to take my state board exams,, finging it very hard to find a position anywhere either they don't need a...

Sarah in Boca Raton, Florida

Updated 54 months ago

considering cosmetology- am I right for it? - 1 Reply

I am 23 and working at a grocery store. Although its a good job, I would like to go into a career that allows me to be a part of what I like...

taraneel in Cincinnati, Ohio

Updated 54 months ago

Aveda Institute questions - 1 Reply

Hello all, I'm glad to have found this site. I am interested in becoming a hairstylist - ever since I was a kid I've been playing around with hair...

krazy8 in Georgetown, Texas

Which is the best beauty school in Austin, TX?

Hello everyone! I would love your input, I have toured several schools in Austin, including Avenue 5, Regency, Paul Mitchell, Central Texas Beauty...

Nettie in Brandon, Florida

Updated 54 months ago

How do I get started? What should I expect? - 1 Reply

I recently started attending a 10 month hair cutting/color program. I am the oldest in my class at almost 30 and have the least amount of experience....

Hair Goddess Of NY in Staten Island, New York

Updated 54 months ago

Extensions Training - 4 Replies

Hi! I'm a cosmetology student, and they don't teach anything about extensions in school, which is one of the main reasons I want my license. Can...

Kiki P. in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Updated 54 months ago


Hey I was wondering if anyone could help me.Im planning to move to new york and need some good name salons that pay well.Ive been hairdressing for...

Kiki P. in Elk Grove Village, Illinois

Transferring cosmetology hours from Chicago to Colorado

I am considering a move to Colorado (Boulder or Denver area) but the state requires 300 more hours of beauty school. How would I go about finishing...


Getting re-licensed in California

Hi I live in Florida and I plan to relocate in California. How do I get a California cosmo license? I already have a Florida cosmo license.

bkulavadee in Claremont, California

need to help the re-exam for nail test

i had test on july 14 but i didn't pass the test written test and pratical test so anyone can give any information

Passion4Beauty in Queens, New York

Updated 55 months ago

Success in Cosmetology or Nursing? - 2 Replies

Nursing is for stability and cosmetology is for the love. I do both, but not quite at the RN and Hairstylist stage yet. I'm a Nursing Assistant at...

Pants in Portland, Oregon

Updated 55 months ago

hair design school...meh help - 1 Reply

Hi : Ok, I need advise. I graduated from a University in December. Then I moved back to Portland, Oregon. I can't find a job anywhere. I have...

eimajw in Temecula, California

Updated 55 months ago

career change from retail manager to hair stylist - 14 Replies

I am seriously considering a career change after 15 years in retail. I have always wanted to become a hair stylist, however I currently make about...

kpope in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 55 months ago

Why ask for a following - 1 Reply

Why do salons ask, request or require a following?

Mountain Momma in Gypsum, Colorado

Updated 56 months ago

what is better to do rent a chair or be a commsion stylist? - 2 Replies

I am 24 years old and I have been with Aveda for six years now(counting school). There isn't really any better time to switch over than now I...

M in Champaign, Illinois

Updated 56 months ago

my old hair stylist - 4 Replies

I lost touch with my hairstylist who moved to New York City 10 years ago. His name is Jeffrey C. Bingham. Anyone know of him or how to get in touch...

tauruschic in El Paso, Texas

Updated 57 months ago

Huge Dilema!! Pivot Point, is it worth it? - 2 Replies

I currently work full time 9-5. I have to work. I'm not blessed with a rich husband to take care of me. Because of my situation, I couldnt even go...

letybflores in Houston, Texas

Updated 57 months ago

Is Hair Stylist the right job for me? - 6 Replies

I realize that only I can truly answer this question for myself, but I thought maybe someone on here could help me out a little bit. I'm currently in...

suzieq in Ormond Beach, Florida

Updated 57 months ago

Thinking about going to cosmetolgy school to become hair stylist in Chicago. I have so many questions. - 8 Replies

I've considered going to cosmetology school for sometime. I have a four year college degree in Theater. I started out as a graphic design major in...

kihten in San Francisco, California

Getting re-licensed in California

I'm licensed in Missouri and have worked in a salon for about 4 years. Moved to CA 3 years ago, so it's been a while since I've been in school. I...

Katrina in New Bedford, Massachusetts

Updated 58 months ago

Just got out of school - 22 Replies

I just graduated, and I can't find a job anywhere. How do I get a job if no one wants to hire me with no experiece, outside of school?

jazzforme2.dh@*****.*** in Randallstown, Maryland

Updated 58 months ago

How much to charge? - 1 Reply

I am a licensed hairstylist and I have been working in a salon for over 2 years and I also do hair from home. I am wanting to leave the salon and...

jenss5 in Oxnard, California

Updated 58 months ago

beauty school in CA - 1 Reply

has anyone heard of Lu Ross Academy im planning on starting May 24 its 19,000 and i was just wondering if anyone has gone there..also whats the most...

Elly John in Kingston, Jamaica

Updated 59 months ago

Kid Salon - 1 Reply

What do you think about kid salon? Do you think its a good career in one.

Aliboo232 in Bay City, Michigan

Should I move ?

So i live in Michigan and have had my cos license for almost 5 years now and haven't been doing hair for the last 2 years. I truely miss it. But...

Chips in Salem, New Hampshire

Been out of the hair business for a while...

I did hair for about 6 years, thought that I wanted to go into nursing. Moved to another part of the country, left my clientele and started working...

Babby1que in Inglewood, California


Can any one please tell me how to get in touch with the person at this web site. the site no longer comes up......

MB-ATL in Atlanta, Georgia

Updated 59 months ago

What should I do with my left over hair maniquins. - 2 Replies

I have a about ten that are left over from beauty school. I went a little crazy and bought them when I was atttending and after I was done and took...

letama52 in Woonsocket, Rhode Island

Updated 60 months ago

Starting out... - 31 Replies

How did you get your start doing hairstylist work, and what career moves did you make to get to your current position? Do you need a particular...

Amy in Salem, New Hampshire

Updated 60 months ago

Advice? - 2 Replies

Hi everyone! I got my cosmetology license in May 2010, yet I've worked as a shampoo tech since then. In late October, I decided to leave my other...

bev in Crystal Lake, Illinois

Updated 60 months ago

What college degree would be most helpful? - 2 Replies

Hi everyone! I've been reading through these forums for the past few weeks and there are so many of you who have given amazing advice. My question...

V in Omaha, Nebraska

Updated 60 months ago

Xenon International - 1 Reply

has anyone attended this school or have some feedback on it for me? thanks!

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