Am I at the wrong salon to build my business

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37 months ago

I have been working at an older salon for about a year. I started there right out of school. There's not a lot of walk ins actually there's not any. I've not got much business and what I have gotten From my other job at Dillards. I make 10 dollars an hour when I don't have a client when I do I have a client I make 60 percent. But that still does not come up to 400 dollars a week So my question is do I stay where i am, do I go to a high end salon in town and try to get a job as an assistant or do I go to a chain salon and try to build my business?

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37 months ago

I really need some help dose anyone have any thoughts

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munki in Manchester, Connecticut

34 months ago

vic said: I really need some help dose anyone have any thoughts

Hi Vic ,

It is my experience that either way, you have to pay your dues and there are 2 ways of doing that:
1 - work at a "mall type" salon, where there are walk ins.
2 - be an apprentice for a period of time until you work your way up, to being a stylist.

Either way is not easy; just depends on your personality and what you can handle.

I've done both and both are rewarding in different ways and each have their rewards.

Again, there is no easy way and it depends on your personality. If you stick with anything long enough and persevere, work hard, and give it your all...eventually it WILL pay off.

Benefits of assisting: education; eventual promotion; better salon name and recognition (hopefully); building up of reputation and clientelle.

Benefits of walk in type place: immediate hands on clients, learn by doing, all types of clients

Don't look at the what's in front of your face now situation, where you are. Ask yourself: is there a future here? Do I respect this salon and its work? WIll they invest in my and my education? Am I learning and growing? You might not be making much$$ now, but if they are reputable and have a decent system in place and are good to work for, it will pay off eventually. Don't blow a good thing for short term gain. But, on the other hand, if they are not offering all of the above and aren't a place where you will learn and grow and respect, then think of other options. Only you can answer that.

My best to you!


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