Considering cosmetology..?

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MandaPanda in Houston, Texas

41 months ago

I turned 25 a few months ago and have yet to do much with my life. I keep thinking about going back to school, it doesn't help it's been 7 years since I graduated. I bombed my ACT and the community colleges want me to take learning classes to get me ready for college classes. But for cosmetology it's simply fill out the application and send the funds. When I was 20 I went on a tour to a cosmetology school and was impressed and excited but a $14,000 tuition turned me off. Plus my dad/sister kept telling me I would never make enough money to support myself. Also, my sister is the one who gets asked about hair dying or makeup/hair advice even though she never has dyed her own hair, but I have a million times and am always experimenting with hair styles/lengths. And everyone was dissapointed that she didn't go to school for cosmetology since she's so great. She would ocassionaly ask to do my hair/makeup, but I never liked the results (diffrent tastes). I am not comfortable at all going to a family member and experimenting with makeup/hair cuts, but dying hair I'm totally fine with. I've been a tom boy most of my life and recently I started experimenting more with makeup and trying to do buns/braids/waves etc.) but still feel embarrased by my lack of skills I don't want to tell my family I'm considering going to school. I went to high school with this goegeous girl who gratuaded from a cosmetology school and she's sooooo talented and I feel like if I go I'll be the only person who has no skills and is "plain". Sorry about the block of text, I just want to get it all out there. Thanks for your time and look forward to adivce/tips.

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janequinn12 in Dallas, Texas

40 months ago

You have such low self-confidence! There's no reason for you to feel this way. You should follow your passion, but always make it a point to do your research well and make a well-informed decision. If you think you could be successful at cosmetology, then by all means, explore your options! Don't forget that if the college is accredited, you can very well get financial aid and with beauty schools like the Marinello cosmetology schools in Wichita KS (, you can work and study at the same time. Flexible study schedules and lots of practical experience. Worth looking into.

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