Left handed cutting

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Tom in Los Angeles, California

89 months ago

Saw this and thought it was funny! Parody of Left handed people and scissors. Maybe you will get a kick out of it.

Angie in Abbotsford, British Columbia

89 months ago

Tom in Los Angeles, California said: Saw this and thought it was funny! Parody of Left handed people and scissors. Maybe you will get a kick out of it.

Haha, wow I never even thought about that... just use my other hand!

Funny movie, sad but funny. ;)

Pat in Bronx, New York

77 months ago

My husband is a left handed stylist.. and he has purchsed a left handed pair of scissors

kristie hall in Owensboro, Kentucky

75 months ago

i just recently got my apprentice license in Kentucky but i am also left handed and all through beauty school i had to use right handed shears it is a real struggle i feel like there is something wrong with me because i have such a hard time but i just got a left handed pair of rocket dog shears and i am so use to the others i have a hard time using them i'm having to teach myself i also had no help at school i was the only left handed person there no feel so bad your not the only one

Angie in Vancouver, British Columbia

75 months ago

I bought the same pair of scissors Kristie, and they did make a huge difference... but you're right about the training, mine was the same way. My teacher was good in the way that she actually started learning how to cut left handed so that when she was showing me techniques, we would be on the same page. Also despite the fact that some people believe you can just reverse everything you see done right handed, that is not true. As for you using right handed scissors through school, that was definetly not right on your schools part. First off, the blades are reversed so using the wrong way will result in not actually being able to see the hair as you are cutting it (looking over blade) as well as not holding the scissors correctly (bad habit). If you're apprenticing now, I think you need to find somewhere that definetly has a left-handed stylist so that you can now get a much better training! Im sorry you had such a bad experience at school, and thank you for your kind words. =) You're sticking with it which says a lot, and Im sure after working with someone with the proper scissors, you will get it. I think I have definetly come a long way from where I was when I posted this, although there is definetly always room for improvement!

kristie hall in Owensboro, Kentucky

75 months ago

Thank you so much for your reply and i'm still trying to learn how to use my shears i'm not sure i'm holding them right i'm having trouble with the hair bending I'm took them to an instructor at my school she said it was the shear but i'm sure its not as for me apprenticing that's not going well at all i can't seem to find work anywhere either all the salons are full or they don't hire apprentice cosmetologist I am getting so discouraged with it all i have to apprentice work at least 20 hrs a week for 6 months to be able to go for my masters and i only have 18 months to do this my school offered no help in getting started and we never even touched the subject of how to go about getting a job see my instructor only wants to help certain students her pets i guess thats what you would call them I'm sure i sound a little whiny I've just had a really hard struggle since i started school with no help in school or out thank you for your reply and the best of luck to you.

SusieQ in Englewood, Colorado

72 months ago

Hi Kristie,
I am also left handed and have cut all my life with regular scissors, except for cutting fabrics when sewing clothes. I started off with right handed scissors, but never felt comfortable with them, my wrist just hurt. So I bought a pair of left handed scissors, what a difference. When I started cutting hair I also had a pair of right handed scissors at first, but from my experience with sewing I went out pretty quick and go left handed shears. The trick with using them is to not try to push the blades together with your thumb, just relax your hand. It takes some time getting used to, but it's so much easier.

carrie in Tampa, Florida

48 months ago

I am a right handed instructor...although, not smoothly, I sometimes have to demonstrate using my left hand to my lefties in class....im getting better. :)

One suggestion is to watch your instructor demonstrate technical skills in the mirror...watch their reflection rather than them. It will be reversed. Might help a little. :)

Good luck.

Katie in Pinckney, Michigan

47 months ago

I am left handed and having a hard time cutting hair and my instructor is right handed and does not know how to help me with it. They tell me to just do it backwards and I think she is losing patients with me because it is not clicking. I am here to ask if you have an suggestions or know of any instructional dvd to help me out.


Candice in Omaha, Nebraska

35 months ago

Hey Kristie im also in hair school and i have a very hard time cutting hair also because i and left-handed. I havent found anyone that can and will help me with my cutting because all of my instructors are right-handed. I feel so left out when it comes to cuttin because my manikan never comes out right so i feel your pain.

king stinger in Hermitage, Pennsylvania

27 months ago

Angie in Abbotsford, British Columbia said: Hi there, I just recently started my hairstyling course, and have just started learning how to do a zero degree haircut. However I am having a really hard time considering how easy it looks. I am left handed (currently using right handed scissors till I can buy left handed ones)and my teaches has never taught or worked with anyone left handed before. When combing out the hair with my left hand, the bottom never seems to look even. Yes if I check it with my right hand, it is. At first I thought it was just me, so I had other girls in the class watch me, as well as the teacher, then they copied and combed out the same hair and the ends all looked different...

I feel so handicaped in the class, and I'm hoping there are others out there, so that I dont have to feel alone in this, and maybe have a little advice for me?

I am a severe lefty, My teacher tried to teach me to cut right handed and my brain wouldnt allow it. I learned to process the so called "right" way and make it the "right way my way". took me a long time. Finally got it right. I will gladly share with you for free. I am not handicapped, I just had to learn to overlook and reverse. made me smarter.

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