jcpenney salon vs. smartstyle

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Josie Bradshaw in Tualatin, Oregon

48 months ago

I'm a new stylist and have been working at JCP for about 9 months. I don't have any problem getting clients. You really do have control over it by doing a good job so your clients will rebook and refer their friends. I'm plenty busy and have never been pressured by my manager. I also get excellent tips. Just be positive and do a good job and your clients will take care of you.

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48 months ago

Janet said: To be honest I actually like working hourly at jcpenney . For one just got a raise an the fact that the hourly pay can go up to 29 dollars an hour that's 43.50 for overtime. I stay pretty busy but I'm more focused on spending most of my valuable time with my faithful client instead of rushing thru clients which is what you do for commission. I really look forward to working at jcpenney for many more years.

Since the salons have done away with commission, how do they decide your hourly wage. I am a master designer and would like to know how working for JCPenneys would be better financially than working for myself renting a booth and paying for my own benefits

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48 months ago

burned out stylist in Hutto, Texas said: Same with SportClips. Franchise salons seem to be all the same. You're best bet is to go into a privately owned salon. The only thing about a privately owned salon is that most of them do not have benefits. That's one good thing about a franchise, they do offer benefits, but most of them care more about numbers than their employees....

Yes but the problem with the benefits at chain salons is that you cannot afford them! The salon I work in offers benefits but to carry my family on the health insurance costs $467 every pay period (i.e. every 2 weeks)!!!!!

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Stephanie Rivera in Renton, Washington

45 months ago

Danny said: BTW, this sounds like a fake comment planted by a JCP manager or other higher-up representative to me. I don't know any stylists who were there when the company did away with commission that are happy about it. New stylists just out of beauty school are probably fine with the new pay structure but not old-timers. In fact, I've heard they've had a massive exodus of long-term employees, some of whom had been there for years. I also don't know any experienced stylists who will consider JCP salons when looking to relocate their business now. Seems to me that JCP has cut their own throat in regards to attracting and retaining experienced, skilled talent and eventually that's going to greatly hurt their reputation. No offense to new stylists but it's no secret that we all make a whole lot more mistakes when we start out before we gain the experience that only comes with years behind the chair. Well, I work in a mall salon and JCP has always had a good reputation and, in fact, we would refer people to them when we couldn't fit them in at our salon. However, recently I've had a surprisingly large jump in the number of clients in my chair who tell me they went to JCP's salon and got jacked-up, so they come to us for a fix. My suspicion is the new hourly pay structure is forcing JCP to only attract new stylists (and the talentless who can't go elsewhere) and it's causing the quality of the work leaving the salon to plummet. Of course, this is great news for those of us in competitor salons such as mine. !

Yes this is absolutely true. I left JCP after 19 years along with a large group of other long term stylists. We are now all in private salons. The only stylists left are the new one just out of beauty school(and not very professional!) or the ones close to retirement trying to hang on and those ones are BURNT OUT! They offer free Kids HCS on Sundays now and the stylists get paid very little for them. Stay away from JCP, they are evil!

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david in Knoxville, Tennessee

42 months ago

let me say that most people have the wrong idea about hairdressing. it is not up to any salon to provide and keep you clients, that is the hairdressers job. if you're not passionate enough about your craft, then you need to leave the business and find something you enjoy. Working for jcp for several years, i made $42 an hour. fully booked. clients waiting. it's up to you. and btw, my productivity rate was $75 an hour and i accomplished it! Every hour. Every day. Stop blaming others, and be the artist you that only you can create. i love this company so much, now i decided to lead the salon and help my team unleash their passion. Knowledge and believing can go a long way. spend time with my team, all 20 of them are successful and love our salon! and no one walked out when the changes came!

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sidney vallon in Chicago, Illinois

42 months ago

I'll make this very quick and to the point for you: They both pay crap! Both of those places will want full reign of your schedule, pay you pennies and you will be scraping by. No person in their right mind would expect that either one of these jobs would be enough to pay their bills off of. It won't happen, trust me.

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sidney vallon in Chicago, Illinois

42 months ago

David, in Knoxville:

When you were making that kind of money at JC Penney's, it must have been SEVERAL years ago. Many years ago, JC Penney salons were busier and had a better reputation, but these days, with salons on literally every corner (with some corners having more than 1 salon on that corner), you're not going to have a lot of people in your chair. You're leaving out some important details. You probably worked there over 15 years ago and made that kind of money. THat wouldn't happen to a stylist today. Who wants to go to Penney's to get their hair done? lol! Give me a break.

Also, you say it's not up to the salon to put clients in your chair. Then I guess salons shouldn't expect hair stylists to sign no-compete contracts either. It's a double-edged sword. Most salons these days treat stylists like nothing more than indentured servants. You can't expect a stylist to bring her own clients into the salon, the salon gets half and then when the stylist wants to leave and go on booth rent, the salon says they have the right to sue the stylist just because the stylist wants to better her standard of living by moving to a booth rental situation.

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David in Knoxville, Tennessee

42 months ago

I'll just say that I've been at jcp for less than 4 years. We do not make people sign a non compete contract. If the employee is not happy and passionate about their craft, they need to move on to something else. I believe that we should not feel do entitled and earn our clients. The salon cannot make a client like you, it's totally up to you to keep them in your chair. When hairdressers figure out its about the guests and not about our drama, we will begin to have dependable clients. I don't care if we ate working at the best salon in town, the smallest, or the one out of the way, if clients love what you do, they will follow you anywhere. Plus, booth rental comes with no benefits. :)

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sidney vallon in Chicago, Illinois

42 months ago

David, the only reason you're getting benefits at JC Penney is because it's a corporation -- AND they're getting half (or more) of everything you're bringing in. Everyboy knows that it's up to the individual to make the client like them... what does that have to do with anything? It's about putting clients in your chair. And yes, it is the responsibility of JC Penney to market to potential clients for the stylists. JC Penney has its own marketing department, just like any other large corporation.

Macy's salons are now offering booth rental if that tells you anything.

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