I'm not sure if I'm cut out for this.

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electro in Tacoma, Washington

61 months ago

I've been working at Safeway for three years now in the second to lowest position (Helper Clerk) because I need to pay rent and haven't been sure about what career to pursue. I had wanted to be an art museum/gallery curator, but figured it was an unrealistic and lofty job goal.

I just decided a few days ago that I want to be a hairstylist. But I'm worried that because it hasn't been a job I've dreamed about since I was young, that I won't be able to assimilate and everyone will chew me up and spit me out.
The earliest I thought about being a hairstylist/dyer was probably when I was 18 and went down to California to meet my step mother and see my father. My stepmom took me to this small hip salon where a boy named Israel (in tight jeans and bleached at the top and brown below, with a definite flair) dyed and cut my hair. When I was watching him do my foils, I thought, "That looks like fun. I think I want to be a hairstylist." After doing some research and living more (aka - being lazy at my mom's, avoiding looking for a job) I decided to let it go - it wasn't my passion and I surely wouldn't fit in with other hairstylists.

But recently, I've been very depressed and my hours are getting reduced at my current job and I am desperate to find a job that I WILL enjoy. Ever since I've moved out of my mom's, I've formed this habit of dying and cutting my hair. I got an AMAZING cut down in California at JC Penney's - my stepmom took me to this stylist who, she assured me, gave amazing hair. I came back to washington, and have not been able to get anyone to do the cut right. So I took to chopping my own hair (which admittedly turns out uneven, but my hair is very wavy, so unless it's getting long, like it is now, it's not an issue). Every three months, approximately, I've dyed my hair to rejuvenate my spirit. I am into avante garde hairstyles, and since playing with my hair makes me feel so good, I thought giving other people awesome hair would be a good career option.

Dana in Chicago, Illinois

61 months ago

Here is my advice to you: Get your hair licence. If you're cutting and dying your own hair, you have a passion for it. This is how my passion was ignited, beleive it or not.

You sound miserable at your current position so it definately won't be a bad move. It isn't a long program and the money, starting out as a stylist, will probably be the same or more than what you're making now. Especially if you work at a chain where you get paid hourly plus tips AND you'll get beneifts.

You have nothing to lose but a job you currently hate! I mean, if you were a nurse or something that was paying you 50 grand a year, then I say, get your licence but do hair on the side.

If you find you dont like hair styling or you're not making enough cash, while you're working as a stylist, you can pursue the art gallery thing. It isn't lofty or unrealistic unless you put it in your head that it is. But, you'll always have your hair styling to fall back on. :)

Dana in Chicago, Illinois

61 months ago

oh wait, im not sure how much u make . lol. If you make more than 25 grand a year, expect a little pay cut at first. Anyhow, You'll probably be happier. You still sound miserable at your current job. I really think you'd enjoy hair though. Especially since you like art. You have a thing for the arts and hair is very artistic so this could satisfy your creative hunger.

sidney vallon in Chicago, Illinois

26 months ago

Hair stylists don't make much for the first 3-4 years. Expect to make under 25k until you get your clientele built up and during that time, you must be willing to put yourself out there and network everywhere you go. It can be exhausting if your personality isn't bubbly and outgoing.

Whitney in Martinez, California

26 months ago

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There is a website coming out in the next few weeks that will be a great tool for beauty professionals to expand their business. Mybeautybot.com is going to allow beauty professionals to create 100% free profiles. You can upload as many pics as you want, and list your contact info and services offered. It will be very user friendly for potential clients. They will have the option to browse profiles but they can also start at the image gallery and view pics of stylist creations in their area. When they find the pic they love, they will automatically be directed to the stylist profile page that created that look. If you "like" them on Facebook you will be the first notified when the site is up so you can be one of the first to create a profile. There are also pics of the website design on the Facebook page (mybeautybot.com)

jiza in Pennsylvania

25 months ago

Stay away from me if you get your license to cut hair. Thats IF your get it. You make the worst kind of Stylist.

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