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April in Sacramento, California

87 months ago

I've been looking to expand my clientele and in my area we don't get walk-in's very often. What are some ways to advertise without spending a lot of money?

Mateo in Sacramento, California

87 months ago

I thought I would help you out, while I am searching for a new job myself. So, a few things. First of all depending on where you work will determine your clientele. Example if you work at a high end salon then of course you would want to attract high end customers. If you work at supercuts then of course then is a different market. First of all, what services do you get paid the most for? Hair color? or are you strictly cuts? You want to target whomever is going to put the most money in your pocket. Honestly, most guys are cheap and scoff at the idea of spending more than 20buck to get their hair cut. So, women I would say are where I would focus but dont worry you will pick up guy customers along the way. Word of mouth and business cards (which I hope you have already. if not will make cheap cards for free but you have to pay shipping. like 5bucks) Always tell everyone what you do. in line at the grocery store at starbucks, everywhere and ask them where they get their hair done, then tell them that they should try you. Also Print flyers on your computer at home with colored paper. Like yellow is eye catching. Keep your cards and flyers on you at all times! when its slow go and put them on cars in the parking lot and grocery store parking lots. Get to know all the people again at the places you frequent by their 1st name and always give out your card. put up flyers at any place that will let you. Also Craigslist you can put an ad for free on there once a week or daily if you like. scan your card so you can put it up as a picture on there. Then make sure you keep all your clients info. have them quickly give their address, phone # and email. that way you can send out reminders, cards, flyers, to keep them coming back. Plus ask your client to refer people and if they do maybe give them a little discount if you are able. Just a few off the top of my head. Go to or just google how to get clients for a hair salon or something like that

Mateo in Sacramento, California

87 months ago

but still did not promote yourself to me or on this site.
> lol
Take every opportunity to shamelessly market your services.
> And keep your clientele's info backed up at home with contact
> management software like outlook which comes standard on all pcs.
> That way if you abruptly leave one place, you take all your
> customers with you. And be positive and get really good at what
> you do and very soon you will be booked solid! good luck and plug
> your salon here, it may get u a few customers, you never know,

mike in Glen Ellyn, Illinois

86 months ago

April in Sacramento, California said: I've been looking to expand my clientele and in my area we don't get walk-in's very often. What are some ways to advertise without spending a lot of money?

I do model searches for salons that bring in the customers.
Get your winners style sent to the magazines I shoot for.

I am a former editor of a nationally distributed hair magazine.

ATLhair in Morrow, Georgia

65 months ago

I strongly reccomend using It's a new site that enables you to use the internet to upload 360 degree photos of your work, embed a video, post all of your business related information, and use the share button to virally share it with people via e-mail, facebook, myspace, twitter, etc. It really works, and the best part is it's only $59.95/year. This beats business cards, flyers, and all that other stuff.

I hope this helps you as it has helped me.

t-townstylist in Tulsa, Oklahoma

56 months ago

i am having the same problems no walk-ins where i work.commission based salon and i am having the darnest time building up clientele and i have been there for three months now.and i have done the fliers and cards and cragslist, still no bite i'm just wondering if it's the location of the do i win the people over please someone help me!!!!!!!!

stylist27 in Winston Salem, North Carolina

56 months ago

Hello there new Entreprenuers...because that is exactly what you are in the cosmetology industry. I also do hair. When I came out of school the only clientele I had were those who followed me from school. I would say the most important thing that incresed my clientele was my image. In the beauty industry you have to sell yourself not only your services. Meaning whenever you leave your house your own hair must also catch the attention of those who may pass you by. Other women are not shy about asking another woman where she got her hair done or that she likes something she has on. Image is everything! My point is that you have to look at yourself as a walking advertisement, because thats really what you are. So keep up your own hair, skin and so on. Give people something to look at, so when you do hand out your card they are already interested just based on your image. Most of my clientele came from people asking me who does my hair. In return I smile and say ME! Give them a card and include some information about your specialties. Stick to your prices. If you look good, most women want to see if you can makes them look just as nice!!! Your image is a part of your marketing strategy. Now go get 'em!

stylist27 in Winston Salem, North Carolina

56 months ago

Also adding youtube to your means of advertising is also important. Everyone knows how big Youtube is!!!! Use it to your advantage. Make sure you have your link on youtube on your business cards. Then people could view first hand all of your work or at least examples of some. Plus its absolutely free! You could just take pictures, upload them to your computer and make a video in Media dvd or movie maker and upload it to youtube. It is not easy.....the people who survive are those constantly looking for ways to market themselves and stay up on trends. If lashes are a big thing in your town. Take lash extension classes so that you can offer that as a part of your services...and dont forget to wear them yourself because women will notice that as they speak with you. When they ask, you can let them know that you also offer that and the price.

Styles by zina in Upper Marlboro, Maryland

44 months ago

I've been working side by side with my cousin for 6 years. She recently just closed her salon down and now I'm working on my own. I had a steady clientale but now I am afraid that they will not follow because of the location. I never had to promote that much because our salon was very popular. Now that I am on my own I really need help in doing so. If anyone has any advice please let me know

kim in Scottsdale, Arizona

40 months ago

I would like to that I have found a great site to market myself on. It just launched and it already is attracting new clients. Its called it allows you to build your own webpage and create a lookbook to show off your work. Now it doesnt really matter where you work its more about what you can do. On that note... They have online educational classes which show you how to do scissor over comb and other cool technqiues... check it out I used a 1 month free promo code Trial.

Give it some time from what I heard they are marketing on the radio and online with the search engines to target clients look for a new hair stylist.

Good Luck!

Jennen Morris in West Covina, California

40 months ago

April in Sacramento, California said: I've been looking to expand my clientele and in my area we don't get walk-in's very often. What are some ways to advertise without spending a lot of money? is amazing! You will be put in front of the millions of monthly searches for hair stylists and you also receive education and wellness with your membership. Its like having your own website, but Hair Street does all the marketing and gets you the traffic. You can even advertise your specialties and clients can find you that way. Check it out!!

Lisa in West Covina, California

40 months ago

Hair Street ROCKS!

Shawn in Scottsdale, Arizona

37 months ago

Check out this youtube video about hair stylist marketing...

Coach Fon in Houston, Texas

32 months ago

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TruePotential in Arlington, Virginia

31 months ago

Most important is to leverage your time through networking process and adopt a common sense "loyalty program" which will (1) keep your customers base (2) reduce your operation costs by 40%
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