Going down with the ship...help!

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loverboy in Oswego, Illinois

41 months ago

My girlfriend is a stylist a chain salon. She loves her job and is extremely talented, honest, loyal and truly professional. But at the place she works there seems to lack of a ethics. The manager would have my girlfriend a time slot for a long time. Then move her from that slot and then try to take her clients as they walk in looking for my girlfriend. I told her to start handing out business cards with her cell number. However, she has a bigger problem now. The manager is starting her own salon and is in the process of removing the all personal contact information from the companies computer system in an attempt to steal all the salons clientele.

The manager asked my girlfriend to go with her to the new place and told her not tell anyone. She want’s to stay where she is. She doesn't want to loose her job, she doesn't want to be involved with the manager endeavor. But knowing what she knows could have a backlash effect if she doesn't speak out.

With a manager with no morals or code of ethic, my girlfriend is in-between a rock and a hard place.

What should she do?

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ZTCO in Aurora, Colorado

41 months ago

If it is a chain store than have your girlfriend call the District Manager. But if I was your girlfriend and was truly talented I would get OUT of the chain salon & go else where.

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loverboy in Oswego, Illinois

41 months ago

My girlfriend would be an asset to any salon. However, the only issue is the time she has been working with a license in the US. She been a stylist for around a year here. She has been doing this for years, mostly for friends and family. She has diplomas from her native country. Covering: Professional Makeup, Pedicure & Manicure…ect.

She even looks the part of a professional. Extremely stylish and organized. But working at the place with the manager she has. I feel the manager is just trying to keep her down. Once a person becomes a customer of hers. It’s because she knows what best for them and they know it.

I should contact the district manager on her behalf. But, I don’t want to my girlfriend to go through a bunch of BS. She receives too much of that already.

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J Gagill in Monticello, New York

41 months ago

I don't understand everything you wrote. Probably because I myself am new to America. America number 1! Number Uno!

I think sometimes it's best to just be a good listener for a love one. Maybe in this case too. Give her 1 or 2 pieces of advice on how to handle this on her own. But let her handle this on her own. Be supportive, caring, and a good listener. Sometimes that's really all a love one needs to overcome adversity.

Good Luck Loverboy.

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