Need advice on which beauty school to go to please!!!!!! (Aveda or local beauty school)

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Jeremyswife06 in Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi

50 months ago

Hey everyone,I'm 24 years old. I'm a stay at home mom who REALLY wants to go to beauty school. I have several options in my area i'm in between two schools. Aveda instititue in covington louisianna and Chris's beauty school in gulfport Mississippi. Chris's beauty college is more convient its only twenty mintues away from my house. So gas wise it will be cheaper on me and they offer night classes which will mean my grandma can watch my kids..I won't have a daycare bill. But to be honest its know as the ghetto beauty school in our area. There are great people that come out of the school and not so great. I know that's everywhere though but i've met many dissappointed students that went there.. Now Aveda is close to an hour away tuition is about 18 grand. I'll have to pay more for gas, and i'll have a daycare exspense. The thing is with both schools I can't get in until a year from now..In a year I could save alot(husband works offshoer and makes good money)! I want the best education and shot at being a good cosmetologist. I know i'll be great..I really want to go to aveda but i'm thinking financially it will be better for me to stick to the college in my town..I'm just so torn. I'm attracted to all the glitz and glam of Aveda..But I don't want to get suckered into anything..I do feel like I'll fit in with Aveda more. I don't want to settle..This is my future and i'm taking it very seriously. I know I could go to the smaller college and then further my education I just want to know what's the best route? I heard you get out of beauty school what you put into it..So if that's true then no matter where I go i know i'll do good but I'm just so attracted to Aveda! I have a appointment with them next week and i'm so scared that i'll fall in love and then not be able to afford it... I qualify for a 9500 stafford loan and 700 pell so that takes care of a little more than half of tuition. I'm not sure what i'll have to pay them monthly..Please give me advice!!

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Stephanie in Springfield, Virginia

49 months ago

Hey there. Okay now yes Aveda schools are supposed to be the best. But as far as money goes Id say go with the cheaper one. I currently work as a shampoo assistant at a top salon/spa in Northern VA and I didn't attend an Aveda school, but once I get my license the owner says we can work on my Aveda knowledge and have me working as a stylist. So.... maybe I just got lucky but I would assume if you get your license and go apply as a shampoo assistant at an Aveda may take some time depending on how much they like you but I can't see them saying no we won't teach you the Aveda ways. The owner and stylists at the salon I work at say beauty school is just to help you pass the state board and get your license, its not meant to teach you anything special that will help you be a successful stylist. All the real learning comes afterwards. So, I'm not saying do it this way but its another option, that can possibly get you a cheap education and an Aveda career if you get the right salon. Good luck!

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dianawillett in Las Vegas, Nevada

26 months ago

Actually, I was just looking into the cosmetology programs over at Marinello, Las Vegas and I found out that they have campus locations all across the country. I think you're definitely bound to find a campus close to where you live. I also think that the flexible class timings they offer really do help balance things out for people with jobs and families to look after, so I'd definitely urge you to check out their programs.

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Mikhan in Falls Church, Virginia

17 months ago

Hi ="Stephanie in Springfield, Virginia"] r done with ur license yet! I'm interested to know about cosmotology

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