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Valli in Los Angeles, California

32 months ago

Hi, I just got my license in September. I went into beauty school for $23,000. My husband is well-established in the television industry so I don't have to work, but I wanted a career. I am 28 years old, and I chose cosmetology because I love people, I love making them feel good, and I have really good business skills.

We were talking beauty school to find an assistant position for six months. I live in Los Angeles, and a lot of this assistant positions that I found available, are where salons want to treat you like a slave. I want to make it clear that I have a great work ethic, I don't mind working hard at all, and I don't mind doing what it takes to establish being my own boss. However, a lot of the assistant positions in Los Angeles seem to be a sequel to the movie the Devil wears Prada. Ha ha!

This type of thing does not fit my personality, I am from the Midwest, and I'm a very fun-loving gal. I want to learn and grow as a stylus, but I don't want to be anybody's work horse. That is why I chose to get a professional license, so I wouldnt have to do that anymore. I dont mind paying dues, but I have to be realistic. Im married, I want to have children, and I would be totally burnt out if I worked 6 days a week, etc. i also cant hold up under high, high amounts of stress that most salons have to offer. I have an atoimmune disease.

Most boards that I ask for advice on misconstrue my questions and think that I dont have any passion or drive, and think that Im lazy and dont want to work hard. It isnt true. I just dont want to work for someone who abuses me, or who is so arrogant that I will fear losing my job every day if I make one mistake. I am not competitive. All I care about is that I do my job the right way and make a client feel spectacular. I just want to be respected as a human being and as a professional.

I really hope this is all coming out right. My dilemma is I want to find a mentor who will teach me, where I can make some money and then,

Valli in Los Angeles, California

32 months ago


And then learn how to go into booth rental. What are the steps to take to reach that goal? The only thing I fear in renting a booth is a confidence issue and its the what if I need help on a haircut or color job? Would I look dumb asking another stylist there for help? I dont mind starting off slowly and being honest with clients that I am new, but I can assure them that I wont do anything to screw up their hair. There are some things that I know I can do for sure without help. Is it possible to only advertise for those things and make decent money? Like a blow out, manicure, pedicure, scalp treatment, trim and layered cuts, root touch ups for sure, flat iron, curling iron and pin curls. Those things I can do. Im less confident about color correction, suggesting new looks for diff face shapes, highlights, cutting hair based on a photo....

What do you think?

Valli in Los Angeles, California

32 months ago

I think what Im realizing as Im typing is that I can do anything I want. It just depends on my goal right? A Cosmetology license doesnt mean that I have to specialize in everything. I can rent a booth and advertise for myself and only offer the services that Im confident that I can do without help and go to classes or get hair models to practice the things Im not confident about to increase income as I go along. Im also not confident in my ability to attract clientele.

So what Im gathering here is that there are salons that rent out booths and they dont care how much or how little you work as long as you pay your rent and buy your own product, right? And then there are salons that expect you to bring some clientele and they provide some on rotation?

Then their are salons who pay a salary to experienced stylists and commission? What are the types of salons and what are all of my options? I was thinking of tracking down a stylist who can be my mentor for a few months and I can take notes and earn some tips and then rent my own booth? Im overwhelmed without knowing the steps to take.

jiza in Pennsylvania

26 months ago

hahahahahahaha, is this a serious question?

jiza in Pennsylvania

26 months ago

Ok, seriously. You really shouldnt start off your question telling anyone that your husband is established blah blah blah and you dont have to work.

You want to have kids, blah blah blah.

I had a girl that wanted a job. On the interview, I asked her how she felt about advanced education. Now mind you. This was Over seas. I PAID FOR IT> To Vidal Sassoon London England. She said. "I have a life, you know" .
This is what you sound like.

I would never hire you.
You don't want a career.
You want a hobbie.
Something to pass the time.
I am suprised you even got out of school.

THis is an art. This is a love, a life. While I don't mean it is a 'BURN OUT'

You sound like all the rest of the girls that dont want to work.
You want to get to the top without actually getting there.

You have to start from the bottom. You have to learn how to advance cut, color, etc...
just because you passed your state exam does not mean you know how to do hair.

You are going to mess up alot of peoples hair. Which means you need to get your butt
in either a *Crappy Mall* like salon to PRACTICE on people that pay for cheep cuts that dont care if you mess up. Or get into a salon and apprentice and they will make you bring in models and they will teach you advanced cutting and coloring and you will go to Toni and Guy, Martin Parsins, Vidal Sassoon, etc....And you mustgo and get as much advanced education as you can. And slowly you will go to Jr. Stylist, then Senior Stylist, then Master Stylist, while slowly building your clientell,, which takes years.

If not. That speaks volumes about you and tells you the truth.

Its a hobbie and 'just a job' for you and not a career.

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