Seeking SPECIFIC and REALISTIC income figures a hairstylist in a small town can REALLY earn

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CC in Summerville, South Carolina

60 months ago

I'm seeking specific income numbers. Here is the deal, I am a pretty successful businesswoman. Before the recession hit I earned $500K per year.That is not a typo or misprint. Since the recession I earn about $125K a year. Sounds nice but actually I don't really care. I lost a ton of money in the recession, got divorced etc. BUT, I have lots of savings. I say that because I know in business sometimes it takes money to market & build a clientele. I have the $$ to do that. The "thing" is, I no longer love my career. I am suffering from acute burnout. Burnout is a real syndrome with real consequences. I'm 41 years old and am by no means wealthy BUT I am financially secure. I do have to work. I'm not at a place where I can stop working. I need a career change.

I have NO ILLUSIONS cosmetology could pay me what I've earned before. I am ready to do something I'll love and enjoy and to recover from the burnout I'm experiencing. I've always loved fashion, hair and makeup. Grew up spending countless hours doing friends' hair, experimenting with makeup etc. I just want to know, can I really earn $60K to $75K doing this? I'm thinking of renting a salon suite or building my own studio in my home. I want real numbers from business minded professionals who do this and who can say they earned that income AFTER expenses (such as supplies & rent) but who DON'T live in NYC or Los Angeles. I lived in LA. I know the stylists there can earn mega bucks. I now live in a small but fairly affluent town. I have a good business head. I don't want to own a salon managing people. I want to have my own little business with just me and MAYBE 1 other stylist in with me. Can I sell enough product and do enough business to make $60K - $75K. Statistics say no. I wonder if stylists are reporting their true income. What is reality? Can it be done?? I'm fine with a paycut but I do need a good income due to my overhead. Help!!!!!!

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jiza in Pennsylvania

58 months ago

You dont sound like you would make a good sylist. We work for a living.

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