Health Educator vs. Public Health

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theresa_ in Orlando, Florida

88 months ago

I am currently researching master's programs for both health education and public health with an emphasis in health education. What do you think is a better route to go or does it even matter?

Also, I read some previous comments regarding how hard it is to find a job, especially if you are not a nurse. Is this true? I'm now a little scared to go into a field that I was so excited about entering.

Also, at the time I work in the legal field but I want to make a switch. How feasible do you think it is to get a job as a health educator after school without a health background.


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japori in Houston, Texas

64 months ago

Health educator here. I'd say go for the more general public health and pair it with some other degree. If its clinical, even better. For example, if you really like health education, I recommend pairing your public health degree with nursing, nutrition or kinesiology or exercise science. Health education by itself will make it very difficult for you to market yourself.

It is possible to find a job. However you must be willing to relocate and it will take many months and much networking. Good luck!

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Makeda in Bronx, New York

58 months ago

I'm a Licensed Social worker, and currently a medical social worker. I want to break out of this field and go for an MPH and focus on health education (primarily sex ed), but as other's mentioned I'm a little scared about the need for an nursing degree. Is an MSW a good pair for MPH?

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Martens in Tampa, Florida

50 months ago

I've been looking into health education as well and it appears to be a component of public health in general, where you can get an MPH with specialization in Health Education. There's some information here that explains the different degrees and fields in public health. There's only a little info on health education, but it's a good read for anyone interested in PH.

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