Heavy Equipment Training - 8 Week Course in Alberta

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Angi Reb in Dayton, Ohio

69 months ago

Vinyl Cafe in Banff, Alberta said: Hello:

There is a new company run by experienced operators and trainers getting a lot of attention in Alberta:

High Velocity Equipment Training


They have a placement arm, too. Check it out!

Thanks, just wondering if I can be nationally certified in Canada and work in Ohio and is there a good financial aid program???

Robert Loblaw in Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

69 months ago

As of yet there is no such national certification in Canada. To my knowledge there is only provincial certification in ony a handful of the provinces. Chances are by getting provincial certification through High Velocity you could be grandfathered into the system when it is finally put into place.

Not sure if they have any recognition in the US though. Good training, they teach way more than even their own website lets on.

As for finaincial aid, I dont know. Just the regular government programs, student loans and EI.

Angi Reb in Dayton, Ohio

69 months ago

thanx for the info trying my best to do the right thing for my future!!!

camachoman77 in Singapore, Singapore

26 months ago

how i wish i could join your team

Muhamamd Nasir Khan in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates

16 months ago

Hi, we are also dealing in Heavy equipment & machinery. visit us for more details: www.mgcc.ae/

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