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A/C Girl FL

59 months ago

All of the message boards are from technicians and I think it would be nice for the owners to have forum of their own!
My husband and I own a A/C co in FL and up until mid-2010 we were running 2 FT installers vans, 4 FT service vans and 1 FT tune-up truck on top of my hubby doing all the sales; on top of that I had 1 FT asst and 1 PT asst; skip ahead a year and I am by myself in the ofc, which has also moved into my gargage and we now have my husband doing sales, service, and installations. He has an apprentice riding with his who can do first round service and tune-ups and we did still have 1 install crew until the Lead decided to steal from the company so now we only have the install apprentice left, luckily he was almost ready to be cut lose on his own.
I would like to know what other companies are doing around the country as far as dealing with this economy. It didn't hurt our company early on because we had moved from a different part in the state in 2001 and hadn't gotten established with any builders when building fell out back in 2006/2007 so we were lucky in that respect, but the federal tax credit of the past 2 years resulted in a lot of people, poeple w/ money to pull out their systems prematurely for the credit and now we are left with people with very little money. We have also found that other contractors are low-balling their estimates on change outs drastically, even big companies.
It is getting scary and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to share how they are staying afloat or if you are growing how? We do existing residential homes and I would like to move into light commercial, I would also like to learn how to price and set-up a maintenacne program for businesses, as we already have one for residential customers, any ideas, pricing, how you do your, etc would be appreciated.

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Rick Martin in Simi Valley, California

59 months ago

Life here is about the same as there. However we have built up a few commercial buildings that lease office spaces. Many of the clients are experiencing poor tenant retention rates as their tenants drop due to the economy. So we keep busy repairing the units as they break, complete tenant improvements as spaces are leased. We also fix a lot of units that would more appropriately be replaced. We always offer to replace but do make money on the repairs. In any case the unit will break again and again and be replaced eventually. You may be able to pick up a building management company and do the work that others won't do. But let's get serious and not over promise or give unrealistic gaurantees.

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A/C Guy in Pompano Beach, Florida

41 months ago

Hello A/C girl. I actually just started an a/c company in Coral Springs late last year. It started out ok...but as of now it's slowed down. I have a few commercial accounts and some residential work...what do or did you guys to do get more residential work? Maybe we can help each other out.

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Istachatta AC in Bushnell, Florida

35 months ago

We have survived the slowdown by focusing on neighborhoods; we only advertise in neighborhood newsletters and only work for friends, relatives and neighbors - and THEIR friends, relatives & neighbors! As a result - we've only had one check we couldn't collect in ten years! God has indeed blessed us with great customers who tell others about us when they are hanging around the pool! It seems everyone has a horror story to tell of some ac tech cheating someone! We show up when we say we will; we don't sell anyone anything they don't need; we never charge more than we're willing to pay! ~m

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