HVAC jobs for felons?

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jw in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

88 months ago

If someone has a recent felony for failure to pay child support, is it not a possibility to get a job as an HVAC Tech? Most big companies posting ads for jobs state they do background checks? He's been to school & had training & was top in his class. He needs a job to pay child support so not sure what to tell him. Can someone please advise?

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A.G in Springfield, Illinois

81 months ago

Tell him to become HVAC Tech, that will always help him in the long run.

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Artillery in Charles Town, West Virginia

79 months ago

Just because you have a felony does not exclude you from finding a job based on what you are applying for and what the felonies and or misdemeanors are for. Obviously bank robbers cannot work in banks, or perverts work around schools or kids, except if you ar ea politician then you still get to keep your job of screwing the taxpayers and get paid more for your troubles. Ha-ha-ha!!! Thanks to the EEOC and most states they realize now that NO ONE is perfect and deserves a chance to get a job.
I had 2 felonies for explosives and automatic weapon from over 25 years ago, while in the Marine Corps. I was given a General under HONORABLE conditions discharge for my efforts. The civilians were livid.
I had to fight some barriers but if you show them what you can do and that you do not bite then you should not have issues. I had many employers that thought my situation was minor compared to other things more concerning. I t is all how you carry yourself and perform your job JW. There are federal and some state civil torts to take care of the maggots who try to punish you many times after you pay your dues but they do not last.

I have been to Iraq w/ the Marines in 2005, to India, and other parts of the Middle East. With the 911 issues I did not have many problems with any employer just the federal government because I was outspoken against the crooks and frauds and let them know on a regular basis. They eventually get over it. Just concentrate on you. No employer CANNOT discriminate against you over having to pay child support!!! There are laws to protect you whether you are a man, a woman, or in between surgeries. Hang in there.
Have fun!!!

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Michelle Garza in Kerens, Texas

64 months ago

I agree with the prior comment. Just show them what he can do and do not be afraid of the background check. Most employers don't care about a general felony, they are more concerned about what the felony is for. Just explain the situation and he should be okay. www.jobsforfelons.net

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