Is it worth to start HVAC training for $21K and 14 months @ Kaplan School?

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McPherson in Malden, Massachusetts

43 months ago

I am 32 y/o and I was working as an AutoCAd drafter for 3 years and last year got laid off. Since then i am out off work. now I am thinking to go to the Kaplan for HVAC but it is expensive $21 grand and what if i can not find a job again bcoz not having experience. What about Peterson School or other trade schools? or Should i stick with my field as a drafter and hope and pray someday i will find a job or jump to the HVAC? Please any comments or helps appreciated.

Thanks in advance

oh in Port Orchard, Washington

43 months ago

Isn't their cheaper schools than 21k in your area? You should look into community colleges or technical 2 yr schools in your area! community colleges in my area are around 4k a year. Never go to a private for profit school for a trade job. such ass ITT TECH or anything that is 20K for a degree that only takes 2 yrs or less. HVAC is a good job, but I wouldnt pay 20 grand to be one.

david baker in Greenwood, Indiana

42 months ago

depends if your looking for management or if you want to work in the field if you want to work in the field go to a tech school i am lisenced in 4 states hvac has been good to me but im a tech not a college graduate the bachlers degree is of no use to me

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