How to get started in HVAC

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Aaron in Norco, California

18 months ago

I'm 22 years old and one semester away from getting my Certificate from a Community College HVAC program (RCC), however I'm having a hard time finding work that doesn't require 5+ years of experience. How did you guys start out? I will get my EPA license soon. I know certs are great to have, but it's really hard finding a place willing to train someone.

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TheFenix007e in Houston, Texas

5 months ago

hi, hey i was like that too. i went to school at hcc on houston, tx. i got everything and i just couldn't find a job, but the small companies maybe can hire you. because one day i was looking in a website , i found somebody looking to hire people with experience on the hvac . with 1 year experience , so i called him and i told him that i went to school and i didn't have experience , so he told me i could be a good helper and he hired me . now i am working in that small company , but i make a few hours a week . you know, there is not a lot of work right now. but am getting some experience so later i can find something better.

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Jim Jr in Quinton, New Jersey

3 months ago

Hello i am enrolled in school at Pennco Tech for H-Vac. I was wondering the same thing on how to get a job coming fresh out of school with no job experience with most of the companies saying 5 years of experience or more. Although Pennco Tech helps you with that area upon graduation it still would be nice knowing that a company would give you a chance to prove what you have learned.But i agree with TheFenix007 by starting off with a small company and getting that experience under your belt. You can work for a small company or several small companies and gradually work your way up to bigger companies to finally get that job you are looking for.

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Aaron in Riverside, California

3 months ago

Topic poster here. Yup, I was fortunate to get a job at a small company and I do see it as a stepping stone. But so far I do like it! Thanks for the response.

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