I live in SO CAL. What is your experience working in this field living in California?

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Fernando in Buena Park, California

21 months ago

I'm 29 years old. I currently have my property and casualty insurance license and have been working in the insurance industry for 8 years. The job is stable 9-5 and good pay (18.50/hr). I know there will eventually be a cap on my pay unless I have a bachelors, which most companies want now. I've heard from different people and a friend of mine that HVAC is a good trade to get into. He works for a commercial company and makes about 32/hr now. He started at 18/hr working residential first 8 years ago .

The reason I'm considering this is so that my wife won't have to work and she can stay home with our 2 kids. She makes good money, but that's not my intention. Can anyone, living in California if possible, give me some tips/hints on where or how I should start on the right track? Trade? Community College?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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