Dynamically change the source and target

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swapnil in Bracknell, United Kingdom

79 months ago

the scenario is: I have an input file to be uploaded in a database. I make the mappings and do it.
Now if the fields in input file change i dont want to make changes to the source in informatica ...
i would have one table in database which tells the sequence number of the fields .... and then the informatica picks up the data from here as the source ... also the destination should be mentioned in the configuration table ...

Is it possible with informatica 8?

nagesh_connect in Bombay, India

77 months ago

Hi Swapnil,

Can you please be more specific

Jeffrey Shoaf in King, North Carolina

75 months ago

If you insist on doing it with one mapping, then the easiest thing to do is to provide separate targets for each destination target and use a router to direct the data to the appropriate target.

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