Reporting Errors/Success

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Sergio in Buenos Aires, Argentina

91 months ago

Hello everybody!

This is my first time here. I am having this problem with Informatica and I hope you can help me, thanks.

I am supposed to create a worklet, session, or whatever is neccesary, to add to the end of the workflows we already have in order to send e-mails with the errors that occurs (if any) and store them in a table.

So... the problem I have is that I do not know how to "know" or "have" the results of having executed the worklets that are in the workflow I am watching.
Maybe I did not explain it well so there is an easy example:

(T would be the thing I added to do this)

Start WF Arrow --> Worklet1 --> T

Is there any way of, when in T, knowing the results of having executed Worklet1. I mean, suppose that Worklet1 ended with 2 errors, error1 and error2, can I create T so it can store those errors in a table and sent them by mail? Is that possible? (remember I can not modify Worklet1).

Thanks to you all for having spent time reading this.


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