Anybody thought about ISD (ADDIE) equivalents for Agile and SCRUM (approach to software projects)?

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cherrytree in Bremerton, Washington

83 months ago

Anybody familiar with Agile ( )and SCRUM ( )approaches for projects? Since so much ISD work is related to remounting instructor-led and paper-based to e-learning or web-based delivery, Agile and SCRUM might be useful tools.

Any experience with software/ISD projects managed this way, or thoughts about how that process relates to instructional projects? Why was it chosen? Did it work? Any lessons learned? Most important: How was the product for the users?

Background from my perspective: The ID project path mantra has been ADDIE for decades. ADDIE has myriad versions. It's a serviceable model, easy for those without an academic background in ISD to grasp. In giving two presentations recently about what some e-learning standards/specifications were and how they might impact project phases (ADDIE), however, I found that my audience (ed tech-y, military, business managers, software development) looked a bit blank when I mentioned the ADDIE model. ADDIE derives from systems theory, many disciplines draw on that--and so they were able to follow my thinking. I did a little research and learned the Project Management Institute version of project management (the "PMBOK") before my second presentation. I also found descriptons of "Agile" method and the SCRUM variant. Senior software project managers seem to feel good about using the methods. The only ISD model that I know that approaches the feel of Agile and SCRUM methods is Rapid Instructional Development (hilarious and very useful programs given by Dr. Sivasailam Thiagaragian ("Thiagi") explain his concept of rapid instructional development).


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blairrorani in Wellington, New Zealand

81 months ago

Yes. I've found a few models that people have come up with. The agile methodology itself is pretty basic to grasp and seems quite industry agnostic.

However, I just need to nail down how features, stories, tasks and tests relate to ID. What is a feature vs. a story? Also, it is possible to consider agile on a module, course, or framework basis.

What have you come up with?

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