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gozips in Great Mills, Maryland

63 months ago

Hi ISDs! My question for everyone is how do you estimate the time it takes to complete a lesson or total course for WBT?

missulka in Bethesda, Maryland

63 months ago

It really depends on many factors. How long is the lesson, how much information do you have, what tools are you going to use.. Do you have more details?

Denise in Tampa, Florida

63 months ago

These sites have some good research about time estimating for ISD project planning: (this one shows how time estimates vary based on a number of factors)

gozips in Great Mills, Maryland

63 months ago

Thank you missulka and Denise. I'm not really looking on the development side. I want to know how to determine how long an asynchronous online course should take a student to complete.

chelc in Pune, India

61 months ago


I am assuming you are asking about the seat time?

If you have the content ready, then just time yourself while reading it.

The time required to complete the reading + some assumed time for intro/splash screens, learning checks and assessment = seat time

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