the real deal on insurance companies?

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Jericks12 in Enterprise, Alabama

52 months ago

I used to be in direct sales (kirby vacuums), did extremely well when i wanted to (key note when i wanted too). I didnt like working 90 hours a week and not being home cause my boss would run a guilt trip on us managers for taking off, and honestly i have a lot of drive but only when its something i like to do. I like sells but i dont like selling something that seems unprofessional, which is how i viewed kirby. its not per say dificult finding leads but it gets old. And after doing it for four years i want something with a base, doesnt have to have great commisioned benefits. but i want to make atleast a base of 350 just to know that i have something every week, cause i am confident my sales will bring the rest in. i have been contacted by groups like liberty mutual and aflac and woodmens and stuff but i dont know which to choose and which are balony. please help with advice and not the "its commisioned but if you fail its on you". i dont want hours on hours i want a 9-5 with some late nights involved and competition.

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