Getting an interview

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Melissa in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

69 months ago

It is advised that I follow up my application with a phone call? I know this is often preferred in the private sector, or advised at last. I am applying for a public sector crime analyst position. The deadline was Sept. 4th. Should I attempt a phone call to the person hiring, any advice appreciated.

Thank you

Connie in Fort Worth, Texas

69 months ago

Certainly! Give it a week from when you first submitted your application/resume. Just call to advise you are following up to find out the status of your application/resume and if you can possibly come in for an interview. Find out the time frame they will be hiring for the job. Be sure to make note of the date and who you spoke with. If you don't hear anything and it's within the time frame they will be hiring, call again and make note of date and who you spoke with.

Bill in Dallas, Texas

69 months ago

Intelligence Analyst? That's funny...

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