Post-intelligence career options

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Anton R in London, United Kingdom

91 months ago

As a graduate in finance, I have been looking for a job in finance industry for last 2 years, but without success. Now, a governmental intelligence agency from an eastern european country offered me a job in business intelligence. I find such a career very interesting, but I am concerned about the career options if, for any reason, I don't fit into governmental intelligence environment.

Let's say that, after 2 years of the work in intelligence agency, they lay me off and I decide to search for a job in banking. Do you think banks will be concerned about my past in governmental intellegence due to the secretive nature and other implications of the profession? Further, if a bank offers me a job in London, the UK immigration office might find me "dangerous" and unfit for a work in a british bank and refuse me a visa. I am afraid that I would have to carry a mark of the eastern european "spy" for the rest of my life.

I also know that Australia and Canada don't allow current and former intelligence professionals to enter their respective countries. Many countries pose other restrictions on intelligence members.

There is very little staff on internet regarding the intelligence profession and I am naturally concerned about the "robustness" of such a professional path. At this moment, I am very excited about the offer, but I must also consider the worst case scenarios. What if...

Can somebody with similar experience help me with any advice about the post-intelligence career options and other implications in my situation? Thanks.

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