Career Change from Graphic Design to Interior Design

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starburst697 in Lewisville, Texas

45 months ago

Hello all,

I am contemplating a career change from graphic design to interior design. Interior design has always been a passion of mine, I majored in graphic design because I had more experience with it. Looking back, I wish I had chosen differently! Does anyone have any recommendations on how to make the career jump? I've been working about 3 1/2 years now, and know that I will most likely have to start off in a assistant role, which is fine. I have my BS in Graphic Design, would I want to focus on getting a Masters in Interior Design? It seems kinda redundant to get another bachelors. Would I have to wait until I got the masters to pursue a job? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Ang K in Calgary, Alberta

22 months ago

Hi! I'm thinking of doing the same thing, except that I've been in graphic design for about 8 years now. Did you make the switch and how did it go?

celina carlz in sydney, Australia

17 months ago

Thinking of doing is good, but be sure of what you do like changing it would be difficult interior designing is good as I feel it better than graphic designing. But graphic designing is better if you work on project basis I found people on this site earning more than what a person can dream of

artsyerinc in Raleigh, North Carolina

14 months ago

Have you thought about commercial design or exhibit design? I am currently studying interior design and I am also taking graphic design classes on the side. I have noticed that having both skills is incredibly useful. After touring a company in Raleigh that does exhibit work, I noticed how the two really go together. I would love to hear how your switch is going.

Cheryl in Parksville, British Columbia

6 months ago

Hi Everyone, I know this post has been up for awhile but I would be interested to know if Ang K and starburst697 made the switch. I am faced with the opposite dilemma - considering switching from Interior Design to Graphic Design. I have been in Interior Design for 3.5 yrs after graduating with a Bachelor's Degree. I am curious to know why you both wanted to leave the field of Graphic Design? Thank you in advance, your insights will be very helpful to me.

Jeanette in Pretoria, South Africa

2 months ago

Hi everyone,
I'm currently studying my Bachelor's Degree (final year) in Graphic Design. I've been working for Interior Designers for 5years and decided to study graphics. I'm currently researching the possibilities of Graphic Interiors for my (Final year end paper)Research project. I definitely think that Graphic design and Inerior design can be combined, and that Interior designers should work side-by-side with Graphic Designers. I would love your comments and input.

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