European ID school?

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helpmeplease! in Bloomington, Indiana

57 months ago

Hello all!

I'm finishing my undergraduate degree in Environmental Studies this year. Recently, I decided that interior design was the best fit for me and I'd continue on with school. Honestly, the number one thing I want to do in life is restore old European farmhouses, inns, chateaus, etc using sustainable principles...turning them into residences, restaurants, bed & breakfasts and galleries. I've traveled to Europe throughout my life and studied in Spain for 6 months. It's definitely where I'd like to live and work.

So when I began looking for interior design schools, I went straight to Europe. I found one school in Paris and one in Florence. The one in Paris is everything I could hope for, I know I'd feel 100% comfortable and it's very me. However, with the 3 year program, I would be receiving my Bachelors in Interior Design with $60,000 in private loans (unless I somehow receive a lot of scholarship money). The school in Florence, I'd probably still like...but it is not as good as Paris. With this 3 year program, I'd be receiving my Masters in Interior Design and have $30,000 in private loans.

Does anyone have advice on which school would be a better route?? With Paris, there would be more networking opportunities, more design stores, Alumni relations, Parisian design exhibitions and I would like the bigger-sized city. With Florence, it would be a lot cheaper, and I'd be getting my Masters.

Also, do you think it's a good idea to go to school in Europe if I want to work in Europe?? I have a Business Certificate and would like to own my own sustainable renovation type design business one day. Please, any input would be extraordinarily helpful! I actually have to make my decision by this week ahh!

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