Trend: Say Goodbye to your Big, Brown Sofa

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susanthompsons in Pleasant Grove

71 months ago

The new trend for 2012 is to bring in some color with a nicely tailored sofa with sleek lines. This trend takes most people out of their comfort zone, but when you're out shopping for a sofa don't immediately go for the 'oh so common' brown sofa sitting on the showroom floor.
I'm not against brown sofas, they have their place in the world, but going the other way is becoming more and more common in the world of design. And oh, does it make life more fun! There's a comforting feeling that people think comes with getting a brown sofa; they think it ensures that it will go with everything and work with any design they might ever choose to have…
Well, so does a tan, gray, and a white sofa; even light muted colored sofas like blue, green and yellow can work!

The neutral sofas are great examples. They are much lighter to the eye than a dark brown sofa would be and the colors from pillows pop better off this lighter fabric.

In another design not only do we have a neutral sofa with tons of fun colored pillows but there is also two different colored chairs that join in on the design.
Mix and match your colors and patterns for a more intriguing space.

Now don't let the pattern scare you. You can bring in colors with a fun rug or with pillows; or like you can keep the accents neutral for a calmer color scheme.

A West Elm sofa that has a big black and white pattern but it would still work for a number of designs. If you have the style that could support a piece of furniture like that GO FOR IT! Sofa's with prints are coming back in 2012 and I'd say this one does it pretty elegantly.

When redecorating your house you can also use colored sofas. Now these won't work in every situation but they definitely have their place in the world.

A yellow sofa is so charming, it has just enough color to give it a pop and the layered yellow pillows are fantastic.
So don't be afraid to stray from your brown sofa! There's a world of color just waiting for you.

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