Is IT Audit a right career for me??

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IT Specialist in Fishkill, New York

25 months ago

Ok first of all, I am 30 yr old now. I am a US Citizen.
I have a bachelor's degree in Information Systems, 2 yrs of web developer experience. I also have Master's degree in information systems related, where I took courses like IT Audit, Information Security, Project Management, Risk Management, etc.
I am currently working as an IT Specialist & subject matter expert in an IT company where I work mostly with databases and internally developed applications. (1 yr)

I am not a good developer. I can do coding but I do not enjoy it. That is where I decided to switch my career because I know most of development work is done overseas and by Indian people who are very smart and enthusiastic about programming. I know I cannot compete with them if I continue my career in development.

Although I do not have a brillian skill in one specific field, I had variety of IT work experience and education. Now, I want to work in IT Audit because it seems like something I can learn fast and be really good at. What are the necessary skills that IT audit must have? Do you think a 30 yr old like me can start a new career as an IT Auditor?

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