Jobs with children

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Rasema in Clearwater, Florida

50 months ago

I am looking for a job that deals with children. I sought child care, kindergarten, etc...

I only have a high school diploma and am enrolled into college. Can I qualify for any of these jobs named. I would like to work in institution with children. However, I also would like to know if possible what kind of an environment do you work in;do you only work with children?


Elizabeth in North Chicago, Illinois

50 months ago

At best, you'll be able to find something in early childcare on the daycare/childcare/preschool side of it as an assistant teacher or teacher since the requirements aren't very high.

In order to be teacher qualified in the daycare/childcare/preschool sector, you usually need to have, at minimum, 60 credit hours (an Associate degree) with at least 6 hours in early childhood education and/or child development. If you don't have that, they may also hire you if you have a CDA. (Go to to learn more.) In order to be eligible for a CDA, you need to be 18, hold a high school diploma or GED, have 480 hours of experience working with children within the past 5 years, and have 120 clock hours of formal child care education within the past 5 years.

SES Made Easy Book in New York, New York

50 months ago

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Norgi in Ozimek, Poland

17 months ago - I really advice to you to read about this.

Tegers in Katowice, Poland

16 months ago

It is quite interesting to be honest. Some of the services offered by them, are good.

Norgi in Chorzów, Poland

16 months ago

It is. Especially the recrutaion system. It saves a lot of troubles in our kindergarten.

Kahs in Czestochowa, Poland

15 months ago

Indeed. I used this recrutation system and it is a good program, to be honest.

Sergand in Polska, Poland

15 months ago

Yes. I also used these services and I personaly think that they are very good.

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