kindergarten teacher

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adryana in Burbank, California

69 months ago

Would recommend any place in Los Angeles (San Fernando Valley area)?

Kathy in Panorama City, California

62 months ago

I am a kindergarten teacher with Los Angeles Unified and would not recommend that you go into teaching at this time. In fact, there is a freeze on hiring and many teachers are being let go from their positions. Some are being displaced---meaning that they would lose their positions at their current schools and have to look for work at other schools. There are many new teachers who cannot get work at all. Something else that you need to be aware of, is that your yearly assignment---in other words---what grade level you would teach each year---is chosen by seniority. Those with more seniority choose first, so when you are a new teacher, chances are you will not get the grade level that you want. I have seen people who have years of seniority still get "bounced" by someone with much more seniority. I have been with my current school for 13 years and due to budget cuts and class-size increases, I will most likely not get kindergarten for next year's school year. One grade level is very different than the next and after you have spent many hours working, creating, and making things----and learning your grade levels curriculum and standards----and after you know the kids at that level very well---you could easily wind up in another grade and have to start all over. It has happened to me, and--believe me, you feel like you have a new job---just like a fish out of water. I think that the medical field is a better bet in this day and age!! You would have better chance at getting a job, better pay, and I think better working conditions. I say, become a nurse or train to be a technician who gives tests like EKG. Good luck!

Karbp in Ozimek, Poland

17 months ago - What do you think about such services? Is it good idea to use it?

Parios in Katowice, Poland

17 months ago

I think that it is a good idea to use it. Such services brings a lot of profits.

Tegers in Katowice, Poland

16 months ago

What kind of profits exactly? I am just curious.

Sergand in Polska, Poland

15 months ago

Recrutation system for example. It is very helpful.

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