I've never taught kindergarten but I have a lot of preschool experience

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Dee in Lebanon, New Hampshire

88 months ago

I've taught prek both in a group and as a solo teacher. I want to get a job as a kindergarten teacher. I have my Masters in Education. Most people don't. Do you think I have a shot? I haven't taught in about 10 years (raising my son). What advice can you give me?

Kristina uhles in Russellville, Kentucky

88 months ago

well if tis really what you wanna do then go right ahead and try it because i think yo would make it to be a kindegarten teacher if you have raised your ownd kid or kids.

sandra in Princeville, Quebec

77 months ago

i want to teach kindergarten. I have taught preschool for seven years. And for the school to keep me i need to become a teacher but can do so only parttime.

nora in PA

74 months ago

Try looking into charter schools in your area or start by being a LTS (long term sub) in local public schools.

Mary inTampa in Tampa, Florida

67 months ago

I think to teach pre-K or kindergarden, you need to have teacher certification in elementary education. You should check your state's teacher certification requirements.

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