Iam a grade 12 learner iam doing Maths & Science subjects and my dream career is to become a laboratory assistant.

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Pearl in Benoni, South Africa

68 months ago

I think you'll have to do a bit of research into exactly what kind of lab assistant you'd like to be. There are different fields like forensics(which itselfs has over 20 divisions), clinical,food e.t.c. so depending on what you're interested in you can take Biochemistry, Microbiology,Physiology,Forensic Science,Analytical Chemistry,Biomedicine...All Bachelor of Science degrees are 3 years.

lyndoeh in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

52 months ago

we must stop discaraging our youth in thier dream careers bt try 2provide possible information they require.its only depends on your academic performence,beliv it o not

Moagisi in Iceland

44 months ago

Thats also what i want 2 know

c00per123 in Lethbridge, Alberta

35 months ago

lab assistant as in taking blood or working in microbiology is only a 4 month course at SAIT and 6 week practicum Starting salary $21 per hour

c00per123 in Lethbridge, Alberta

35 months ago

you can also take laboratory technician which is one year at SAIT and one year practicum at hospital. Then you start around $30 per hour and can work in microbiology, chemistry, blood bank hematology histology You need tremendous concentration skills and the course is not easy. The more you can focus and pay attention to detail and almost be a little obsessive compulsive about perfection the better off you will be. There is no room for mistakes in the lab

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