Biotechnology Lab Tech vs. Medical Lab Tech

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graduate in Toronto, Ontario

47 months ago

Aspiring in Madison, Wisconsin said: I have been researching laboratory technician fields, and I have narrowed down my choices to either biotechnology lab tech or medical lab tech. I am having a difficult time deciding which field to go into. Academically, I can handle either field, and I think either field would appeal to my interests. I would ideally like to work in research, but I realize that I may have to work up to this.

Is the job demand in both fields high? I have already been sucked into a career that was supposedly "in demand," and lo and behold, I am without a job, and now have a worthless Master's I do not wish to make the same mistake again. Are the jobs in these fields stressful ones? Any shot at having regular daytime work hours, or is it mostly shift work?

I am aware of the issue of low pay in lab work, and I'm not too worried about this aspect because my previous jobs have all been low pay. But please feel free to speak to this aspect.

Is there anyone who may have insight into either of these career paths? Perhaps some "pros" and "cons"? Thank you for your time.

Hi, I don't have any advice for you (sorry) but am wondering if you made a decision? I have the same questions. I have already gotten accepted to both programs and the deadline is coming up and I need to choose.

I was leaning towards the Medical laboratory because it’s “in demand” and my biology prof. recommended it. I like the job descriptions for Biotechnology Tech but I’m not too sure what exactly they do exactly and what kinds of careers they lead to.

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student intern in Wylie, Texas

47 months ago

I would suggest to get the Medical lab tech because it qualifies you for the certification that many jobs ask for. I work in research right now at a well know hospital here in texas and research has its ups and downs. I also have my A.A.S in Biotechnology. Research is a little more unstable and unpredictable compared to med lab. But because of this you can kind of make your own hours. But your job in research lasts as long as the Dr. / PI you are working for has funding to pay for his endevors. Hope this helps both of you. I am now considering getting my MLT also.

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Aspiring in Madison, Wisconsin

47 months ago

Hello there! Sorry for my late reply. I actually decided to go with the Biotech program. But that is because in my geographical area, there are many jobs in this area. It really depends on what is more "in demand" in Ontario.

As for careers in Biotechnology, student intern did address the research aspects of it. There are also opportunities to work in Quality Control, Production, and in government laboratories.

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graduate in Toronto, Ontario

47 months ago

Thank you for your replies. Good points about the unpredictability/availability of research positions.

I have accepted the Medical Laboratory Tech program because it ends with a licensing exam and a clinical placement.

Best wishes in your careers!

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sara in Johnston, Iowa

43 months ago

good choice!!
Biotech is a dead end job!! You can only advance if you have your PhD. The work only requires or needs a college diploma, however these companies want Master grads, waist of time.

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Jeffrey in London, Ontario

41 months ago

I graduated in 2002 from Biotech, never did get job.

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Jomel in Manila, Philippines

35 months ago

If you have Medical Technology degree you can do research degree like what biotech can do.... another big difference between the two is the Biotechnology more in science and research. while medical technology do science, research, diagnostics and Know the Medical thing about diseases. for me both Biotechnology and Medical technology are Good course = )

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33 months ago

Iam Looking for job as cytotechnologisl./ medical lab tech./ medical research tech. I have B.S. degree in Biology./Chemistry.
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Lab Rat in Cedar Park, Texas

33 months ago

Biotech lab tech (I am one) is very much a dead end job. If you work in an academic lab, I wouldn't expect to get paid more than $40k/year and maybe $50k if you are *super* lucky, and these are at the very end of your career in my area. To start off, you're looking at mid $20's. And your job is gone if your PI loses his funding. Biotech jobs in comparison to med lab tech jobs are concentrated in a few metro areas whereas med techs can be found in more places.

A biotech lab rat worker's stress levels depend a lot on your direct could be very high or very low. A plus is that hours are pretty flexible for biotech lab rats. I've never seen another biotech lab rat working the midnight shift.

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Pivotal Scientific in Delhi, India

9 months ago

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