is there any surveying jobs in north alabama??? im starting school nct month after 8 years feild exp.

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lilman in Huntsville, Alabama

71 months ago

it seems like there are no jobs any more im 25 and iv been doing construction lay out for the past 8 years. i love it the last 2 i got in to the res. part of it but due to the lack of work we got laid off. and what are some good schools to go to around here?

JAH in Opelika, Alabama

71 months ago

Surveying is slow everywhere right now. My father is a surveyor in N. Alabama (private practice) and is staying somewhat busy. If you are looking for something part time work he might let you work some. For the schools UAH is a good school, tough, but I started there (going for civil engineering) and the transfered to Troy and got my surveying degree.

lilman in Huntsville, Alabama

71 months ago

What company does he work for or own? what is his email and name i will email him my resume asap. or have him to email me at thanks

PJtheMunchkin in Denver, Colorado

69 months ago

I got laid off as a Project Surveyor last October. I was employed in Colorado and I have found NOTHING since then. I really need to find something soon or my family is in serious danger! I can't even enroll in school to continue my education because the f*cking school requires that students be employed within a Surveying firm. WTF? If I had a job I wouldn't be in this situation. I'm pretty much searching for work anywhere, even overseas.

Cappy10 in Minneapolis, Minnesota

67 months ago

Yea its been very tough here in Minneapolis also. I was laid off last November (day before Thanksgiving) got called back in July 09, worked till September.. now laid off again. Have 22 years experience and still cant get a response.

The 1! in Minneapolis, Minnesota

66 months ago

Well Mike "cappy10", maybe if you weren't a drug addicted alcoholic loser, that has the same year of experience 22 times than maybe somebody would hire you. But you are, you made your own bed. Suffer.

#1 Dolphin Fan in Miami, Florida

65 months ago

No survey jobs here in Miami Florida this sucks, what the hell do we do now?

landsurveyorsunited in North Charleston, South Carolina

49 months ago

There are jobs in EVERY STATE in the UNITED STATES...Here is the proof:

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If you need help finding work in a specific area, write an email to a guy called Surveying Jobber at and let him know where you are looking...he'll dig something up for you. Hope this helps and Good Luck!

Frank in Laurel, Mississippi

46 months ago

All it shows in my state is AEC HUNT...a recruiter

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